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    'Front Page News' rss feed

    I'd like to see this get done at some point, too!
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    D&D 5th Edition Starter Set

    5 out of 5 rating for D&D 5th Edition Starter Set Great intro package with a fully fledged mini adventure path. Worth it for the adventures alone, which allow multiple paths through each section of the adventure and multiple ways through the middle sections to get from intro to finale adventure.
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    AoW - one session to go.

    Merric, I know what you mean about high level over-complications. If it wasn't such a ball-ache to rework the encounters, I would make the adventure paths into level 1-12 rather than 1-20. However, in fairness to Paizo, they are offering what they set out to offer, with the inevitable...
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    Heads up: Baldur's Gate II patches 2007

    Heh heh- you masochist, you :D Thanks for the info!
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    Heads up: Baldur's Gate II patches 2007

    DVD re-release Anyone checked out the dvd re-release, yet? I am considering buying it just to avoid the endless disk swapping and its only 10 british pounds over here. Does it put everything on the one DVD or is there still swapping about to do?
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    Expanding news page to several days

    For various reasons I have been out of touch with ENworld since around April (shocking, I know!). I used to find that the news FOR THE LAST SEVERAL DAYS was displayed on the front page, but I am now only getting the current day's news. Since I can't get here every day, it was very useful to see...
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    Got my Dragon Dice Well, got my Dragon Dice (see link for picture ) the other day. (Really quickly considering they are coming from Poland and quote a relatively long lead time- they must be...
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    I personally fancy the dragon dice from these guys in Poland . They are quite pricey though.... They deliver internationally by the way. Check out their designs and see what you think.
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    Does using Combat Expertise qualify as "fighting defensively?"

    Unless specifically stated in the ability that it works with combat expertise, I would say "no." Fighting defensively is NOT combat expertise and vice versa. As far as I know, nothing in RAW prevents you fighting defensively whilst at the same time using combat expertise. Therefore you can do...
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    Spawn of Kyuss vs. the Paladin

    In this thread on the "Dungeon" message boards, James Jacobs (Adventure Path head honcho) says that in his opinion the worm infestation is not strictly avoided by the Paladin's immunity to disease. Of course, the...
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    Spell like abilities-how many times per day each?

    As an example, take the Efreeti, MM page 115-116. Spell-like abilities are listed with "at will" abilities followed by "3/day-invisibility, wall of fire" and "1/day-grant up to 3 wishes, gaseous form, permanent image, polymorph self". So, can he go invisible 3 times AND call forth a wall of...
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    Spell like abilities-how many times per day each?

    I was recently using a creature with spell like abilities. It had some "at will" and 4 different abilities/spells listed under its "3/day" heading. Now, I took it to mean that it has 3/day of EACH of its 4 limited abilities (12 uses of the cool stuff in total). However, a player thought that...
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    Basic D&D & granularity?

    Hmm, I think you may have put your finger on the reasons for my occasional lingering unease over 3.5. I like it but at the same time I often feel like I am constrained by the rules or perhaps forced to look up certain mechanics too much, at least compared to older D&D editions. Its harder to...
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    Hydra heads

    Teenage mutant ninja hydras :D Hmm, I see what you mean. I took the section in the Hydra entry where it states that "you can ready an action to sunder a head which attacks you" as implying that it was a way to avoid the AoO (as it goes without saying that you can ready any action you like)...
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    Hydra heads

    Nice one!
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    Hydra heads

    My pleasure! I meant that once the hydra attacks them they simply 5 foot step in to attack. No AoO. You do not have to sunder the heads with improved sunder. If you ready an action to sunder when it attacks, you can do so without AoO. The size bonuses don't apply to sunder-its an opposed attack...
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    Hydra heads

    With the GREATEST respect, Sir Humphrey :D ("Yes Prime Minister" reference meant in good humour, just to clarify) Just to nitpick (but support your argument even more), the hydra DOES get a full attack on the first round if it can reach them at all, as "it can attack with all heads without...
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    Hydra heads

    If it was 12 individuals (perhaps with reach weapons) all attacking the character, would you have the same difficulty in accepting the attacks as being possible? All the AoO aren't really occurring at exactly the same moment, they are merely resolved that way for the sake of manageability. In...
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    Hydra heads

    Therefore you don't rush up to the monster and get taken apart by the fusillade of bites. Instead you must use other tactics to defeat it-missile fire, spells, wait for it to come to you so you can 5 ft step to attack, rogue tumbles to avoid AoO, whatever.