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    I'm from...

    Oh really? Whereabouts in the UK?
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    I'm from...

    D'ye think I'd mind? I wouldn't mind! Come, complain about the weather... it's what all us Brits do! :D
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    I'm from...

    Heh. Interesting... we have something of a split, hey? Oh, and EA, you'd be more than welcome! I love guests. :)
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    Merry Christmas!

    Here's a sentiment I can get on-board with. Belated Merry Christmas, people - and a superb, awesome New Year!
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    I'm from...

    For no particular reason, I'm from Britain, where I currently still live. Where's everyone else from? Where do you now live? -Jea
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    Seeking help!

    Hullo Loonstro... I'm not sure that very many people actually use these forums anymore. You might do better approaching people individually, in PMs... although, of course, that may end up irritating people. It's a catch-22, no? Still... it's the best advice I can think of giving. Good luck!
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    Eberron setting room

    Eberron's my favourite world by miles. That stack of books by your computer? The one by mine's all Eberron... ;) Actually... a campaign isn't a half bad idea. Do you know, I think I'm going to think about doing that. I recently became unemployed, so what better way to pass the day (when I'm not...
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    Eberron setting room

    I seem to recall that this was an idea a while ago. I was wondering; any updates to be made? I know I'd personally love to see an Eberron based room. Or did I simply miss the grand conclusion when it was made? Either way, I'd appreciate knowing, if anyone out there is better informed than I...
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    Pure, unadulterated, unmoderated, evil blackness. Pits of despair and anger, desperation and loathing. And they must have wings, no question. So basically, like any other demon... I promise to put even less effort into my next post. I'm going for the world record 'least effort in a forum post'...
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    Funny story

    Of course. Waiting until other people are on is a great tactic until everyone uses it, after all. One of ISRP's perpetual problems, if I'm not grievously mistaken.
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    Funny story

    Here and there. Mostly there. Didn't expect to come home to, however. In case anyone's wondering, I was in TMP. Of course.
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    Funny story

    So I was in chat today when I saw something I thought was pretty funny. Lounge - 2 The_Great_Bazaar - 2 --The_Cage - 2 The_Rotunda - 2 --Fighting_Pit The_Meeting_Place - 3 --Alleyway The_Crossroads_Tavern - 2 --Clearing --Garden - 2 Carpe DM Ahoy! Adventure The Nexus (OOC Discussion) So yeah...
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    Poisoned Water

    Without wishing to come across as rude - because I respect that you're trying to have some continuity between actions you've taken IC and the rest of our actions - but what are we supposed to do with that? Our options, as RPers, are either to be a little snerty and ignore it or say our character...
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    Yes indeed, I am an oxymoron. And you, Miri Dudragon, are a curiosity. ~The Riddlemaster
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    Good Wishes for All

    Seconded. Whether you celebrated Christmas, the 4th day of Chanukah or merely a bit of time off work, happy holidays peeps. Have a good one - and a fantastic New Year, not to mention I hope 2009 brings you health, wealth and happiness. ~Jea's player
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    The Wall of Honor

    For Lyzar. I offer you no poetry, nor flowery words. I have no words. Nothing would sound right. I miss you, sister, despite the last few years having been extremely difficult between us. I only sincerely pray that you are finally at peace, after all the torment the end of your life has brought...
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    If you knew Lyzar

    To any who might have know her, it is my unpleasant duty to inform you that Lyzar Veanson is dead. My condolences if this causes you any distress. I have no idea whether she had any friends here. ~Jeajea Veanson
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    Fall Dance: Sunday Oct. 26th 4-8 pm EST in TMP!

    Congrats on a superb event, guys. 'twere fun! I tango'd!
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    4th EDITION

    The fact that this edition came out about eight or ten years after the last (major) edition did not escape my notice. Plus, 3.5 in the middle... where before that, there was more like a 15 year gap between editions. My warhammer playing friend (boo, hiss) insists that it's nothing to make a big...
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    4th EDITION

    My two words of wisdom, why not? I'm unsure about 4e. I haven't bought the books, and if I ever do change over it won't be for at least two or three years - until it has reached a certain maturity, or perhaps until 4.5 has come out. ;) I'm not overly keen on the core races presented in the PHB...