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    So, how many are avoiding Essentials?

    Against my better judgement I bought three of the Essentials books. I think I spent about 20 minutes looking at each and for the most part I couldn't find anything that was useful or interesting. Mostly lots of duplicate information from the 4E books. The new classes were lackluster. Maybe they...
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    November 16th release for Web-based Character Builder

    That's short term thinking. How many characters are you going to create over the next five years? Twenty just doesn't cut it. I often make a few characters for every new game just to play around with concepts. Maybe it's OK for six months, but if the product is successful then it's going to need...
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    November 16th release for Web-based Character Builder

    I still think character builders should be free. They make the game more accessible and with all the rules to track it's a bit of a nightmare to try to build characters. This was such a big time sink in 3/3.5 and now it's showing up in 4E with multiple PHBs, Powers, settings, Essentials, etc...
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    Collected Core Handbook Errata

    My friend Cale found this flavor inconsistency: On the sidebar on page 225 PHB bottom left it lists Residuum as having a "silvery color". However under the "Disenchant Magic Item" Ritual listing on page 304 of the PHB it's listed as "...golden [colored] dust..." So which is it?! :-)