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    Marvel to Launch Official 'MARVEL MULTIVERSE' Tabletop Role-Playing Game in 2022

    The Thor on the front cover is from Thor #1 Jan 2020 (fallout of the War of the Realms storyline). So I'm thinking like most that the multiverse would bring us different versions of all the heroes and villains. I loved MHR but didn't care for the character advancement portion of the game. I...
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    There's a TERMINATOR RPG Coming!

    don't be ridiculous!
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    D&D General GaryCon Cancelled Because Of Caronavirus Pandemic

    Of course, the first year I was going to check them out. Try again next year.
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    Origins Awards Nominees Include Alien, Pathfinder, And More!

    Try this.
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    Latest ICv2 Stats Sees Free League's 'Alien' RPG Sneak Into Top 5!

    I was part of the original pre-order and ran "The Chariot of the Gods" module for my normal game players. They absolutely loved it and I also loved how the game rules ran and how it really made you feel like you were on a space ship of terror. Love that it's #5, it deserves it!
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    The One Ring/Adventures in Middle-earth License Goes to Free League

    There is a God! If anyone, I wanted Fria Ligan to grab TOR!
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    D&D 5E Which Is Better: Regular or Alternate Cover Art For Theros?

    First time I almost wanted the alternate cover but the normal one wins out again for me.
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    Cubicle 7 No Longer Producing The One Ring and Adventures in Middle Earth

    The One Ring, hands down. I like 5e but not with my One Ring.
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    D&D 5E New Cover for Eberron: Rising from the Last War

    Finally a cover I like, getting this cover. Not a fan of the alt cover so... phew!
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    The One Ring 2E's Collector's Cover

    Love the look, TOR is my favorite system and setting, though I play 5E, I would never play TOR with 5E rules. I can't wait for this release!
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    Hunter: The Vigil 2nd Edition?

    Anyone know the status of H:TV2e? I remember reading an update last year but haven't heard anything else since. With TC:Aberrant currently in Kickstarter, maybe H:TV2e would be slated for a KS at end of the year?
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    RPG News: Quick Bullet Points

    I also agree with this.
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    The One Ring 2nd Edition Is Coming!

    I'm confused... so Moria is part of the second edition and no longer a KS project?
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    Has Paizo ever talked about releasing their adventures in 5E format?

    About time they tentatively step in the 5e design! Smart choice!
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    There's An Official ALIEN RPG Coming!

    Wow did not see this coming and man it's AWESOME!!!
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    Critical Role Critical Role's Kickstarter Breaks $1,000,000 In About An Hour!

    I'm probably the only guy that didn't like the Critical Role Series but since I've been dying for a real D&D animation since the original, I threw $10 bucks at it. Hollywood doesn't get D&D and this may spark something huge.
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    Kickstarter [Kickstarter] GODS

    The art is insanely gorgeous and I like some of the ideas of the mechanics. I'm in!