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    The Isle/AD1250

    Test Page
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    My Worst Day Ever.

    My dad was a state trooper for MANY years, retired 2 years ago so I know what you mean... he had some very rough days... Most people don't believe the media BS that seems to portray every cop as a bad cop or abuser or anything like that... 99.9% of cops I've ever met and know are great guys...
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    The EN World FREE Character Portrait Request Thread!

    Not my character but very nice, nice indeed.
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    Looking for advice from parents: Gaming with baby

    Our gaming group has 6 people, 2 sets of couples and then 2 guys... betweeen us, 7 kids. Aged 8 to 2.5. One guys lives 40 min away and his wife takes care of the kids. The others all live within 4 houses of each other and we roate houses. As DM, our girls (4.5 and 2.5) usually either have a...
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    The EN World FREE Character Portrait Request Thread!

    Haiku Sing Male Human Monk Visually, probably 1/2 oriental, 1/2 western in appearance, average looking with a slight (but muscular build). Either bald, balding or short hair, he is young (mid-20's). Haiku is a diplomant, peaceful (both Vow of Poverty and Vow on Nonviolence) and is built in...
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    How to tell a friend's girlfriend to get a job or something?

    One funny story... (not me, I was just a witness) Te top player on the high school basketball team was dating the coach's daughter (who was pretty, but not 'hot') and she really was a controlling witch at times. Anyways, after a couple of really bad 'episodes' of the controlling witch in a...
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    Tell me about your favorite character of all time.

    Not my PC, but I DM'ed him and had all sorts of fun... probably the best character I've ever seen played... Campaign started off on Earth, circa 1300 and a low/no magic campaign. John was a simple human fighter/thief (back in 2nd edition, I bent the rules and allowed him to multiclass) who...
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    Wind Walk is killing my campaign!

    Now this is an excellent way to handle the situation!!! Like it, like it a lot (consider it yonked if needed in my own game... if they ever get to this level...) :D
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    Adjustments For d20 Weapons Locker

    A .22 is fired with such force that a FULL jug of water will explode. The mass of the bullet is not enough to penetrate the water and the high velocity transfers the energy into the water, which having no place to go, forces itself out through any opening it can... in every case (3 times I've...
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    Adjustments For d20 Weapons Locker

    A .22 round will most definately knock back a full jug of water (ok, the jug will explode really and only have an entrance hole, not an exit hole when put back together) where a .45 round will go right through. An empty container, well, that's a different story. And if you don't believe me...
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    So just what do we know so far about the Star Wars TV series?

    Only saw RotS once, but do we actually see Aayla "die". From my memory, we see her turn and then hear blaster shots... I could see this as the opening to the first episode (and if Lucas was smart, it'd be filmed already)... Aayla turns around, starts deflecting all sorts of blaster shots...
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    Need help designing a spell that triples base land speed

    But that is completely changing the intent of the spell... and making it MUCH too powerful for 3rd level. That would make an excellent, seperate spell... but to tie it in really doesn't fit the flavor of the spell at all.
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    [X3] Beast & Kitty Pryde Cast?

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    [X3] Beast & Kitty Pryde Cast?

    Nightcrawler fan ;-( Nightcrawler was my favorite part about the 2nd movie... he's always been my favorite, comics, cartoons, etc. Even if they changed him up a little, I still dug him. Not a fan of Alan Cumming at all, but he did the part well, so why change?
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    Need help designing a spell that triples base land speed

    My 2 cents, like the spell. So what if a dwarf in full plate is faster than a cheetah... spells such as bull's strength can make a human as strong as a bear, it can make a human jump insane distances and even fly. The key word in all this is MAGIC, D&D is full of it and makes the unbelieveable...
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    Best Lightsaber fight in the Star Wars movies?[SPOILERS for episode 3]

    I loved the Darth Maul vs. Obi Wan and Qui-Gon for it's technique and 'realism'. Felt like the participants were actually fighting and there was a lot of skill (in terms of the actors) in the fight... The later ones seem to use so much CGI (especially anything with Yoda) that there is a little...
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    Was I a RBGM?

    Understand but... I was trying to play the villian out realistically. His goal was to kill the goblins and the best way to do that was to force the goblins and the party to fight. He was alone and would have been suicidal for him to fight the party and the goblins by himself... what better...
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    Anyone else going to see RoTS at midnight?

    One other thing On an aside, took our neighbors and they have a 7/8 year old girl who did not know that Anakin becomes Darth Vader. You should have seen her reaction!!! Priceless. Considering that 99.99999% of Americans know, to actually see it with someone who does not was just awesome.
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    Anyone else going to see RoTS at midnight?

    Just Got Back!!!!!!!! Ok guys... just completely, incredibly AWESOME. When Lucas says DARK, he really means DARK. This movie makes Empire look like a walk through Candyland.
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    Was I a RBGM?

    Ok guys... Before too many of you all jump on my case, I've been letting this sit a while... Yes, the monk had a TON of opportunities to use his diplomacy skills, and used them very well. He managed to avoid numerous conflicts and bloodshed, all in the while promoting his beliefs. Yes...