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    Best actual play for Zeitgeist?

    I’ve recently become very interested in the Zeitgiest campaign world/story. While I could just read the adventures, I’d much rather discover it organically. So is there any good actual play podcasts or video streams of the Zeitgiest AP that you all would recommend? I’m looking for a good...
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    Status WotBS #2?

    Considering it's the last day of June.... I'm guessing WotBS Adventure 2 is going to miss the June release window. So do we have a % or idea of when the next module will be released? Should we just assume the release schedule for all the modules is one month later then is listed on the web...
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    DU4: First set you have to have multiples

    For those of you who like Wizards sets of dungeon tiles, I just picked up the new set DU4 Arcane Towers. In the past I have always been able to work with only buying one copy of each of the tile sets. However fot the new set you pretty much have to have two sets of DU4 to make any sort of...
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    Scales of War 9 now out! (was: SoW delayed again)

    Anyone else notice that the next Scales of War Adventure has gotten pushed back again this month? Anyone want to guess why it's moved back. My first thought is that Wizards has been unhappy with the adventure that was turned in, and has had to do extensive re-writing. But then I'm a pretty...
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    PbP Game advice

    Due to the fact that many of my old gaming friends have moved a long distance away, we have recently started talking about running a Play by Email game. I'm sure that some people here have run these type of games before.... So, can someone give me some advice on how to run the game/set up a...
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    Weapon focus and Astral Fire do they stack?

    Sorry if this has been asked before but... It looks like Astral fire adds a +1 feat bonus to damage to powers with the radiant keyword. Weapon focus adds a +1 feat bonus to all attacks made with a weapon of x type. So if I use a power like Healing Strike which does 2[W] + Strength radient...
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    Does darkvision see shadows?

    I'm about to run my players through an area that is heavy on darkness type creatures. I'm expecting the entire party to be using darkvision..... So the question becomes, Can you see a shadow (the creature) using darkvision? If it really is a shadow wouldn't darkvision just see right through...
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    Weapon Augmentation Vs Shatter Spell

    We had this situation come up in our last game session. An Artificer cast Weapon Augmentation on a long sword. Then someone cast Shatter on the sword. The wilder failed his Save. Should the sword shatter, or does Weapon Augmentation make this a magic item?
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    Gaining AoO

    I'm currently working on a character build that trys to make a number of extra AoOs. I remember reading at one point a Feat that allows you to take an AoO if an oppenent is next to you and doesn't attack you. But I can't seem to remember the name or source of that feat. Can anyone help?
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    ToB - Crtical Hits and Stances/Maneuvers

    Quick question, if my Warblade is in a stance or using a maneuver that gives him extra damage on a successful strike and that strike is a critical hit, is the damage from the strike multiplied. For example from our last session: If my warblade is using a + 1 scimitar (1d6 +1 damage) with a 20...
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    Insightful Strike maneuver question

    If my Warblade executes the Insightful Strike manuever, and the attack roll turns out to be a critical hit, does the Damage for the strike get his weapon's critical multiplier? Or does this the insightful stike damage just exist with no possibility of being multiplied. Thanks Kai
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    Stormguard Warrior Feat and critical hits

    Ok here's a Tome of Battle Question: My Warblade was using the Blood in the Water Stance durring one of our encounters. He got a full attack and used the combat rhythm option of the Stormguard Warrior feat to turn his lowest bonus attack into a melee touch attack. I then rolled a 20 to hit...
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    Resist Fire and Scorching Ray

    I think I have been playing this wrong.... When someone casts a volley spell, such as an 11th level Scorching Ray, against something with Energy Resistance. How many times is the resistance applied. In the example above all three rays go to the same creature which has fire resistance 5. Does...
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    Simple Hold Person Question

    I have a simple question on the "Hold Person" spell... Per the SRD the under save for that spell it says: Saving Throw: Will negates; see text. Then the text says: Each round on its turn, the subject may attempt a new saving throw to end the effect. (This is a full-round action that does not...
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    Mid range Communication Spell?

    Is there a spell that allows a party to communicate that is more powerful then Message but not as powerful as Telepathic Bond? I'm looking for a way for the party scouts to talk back to the party based on what they are seeing..... I would love to see something with a longer duration then...
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    Help with making a minor magic item.

    One of my players proposed to make the following magic item: Wrist Sheath of Hidden Daggers. This beat up leather wrist sheath appears to be able to hold a single dagger. But in reality it does so much more. When attached to the inside of a humanoids forearm, the sheath and its contents seem...