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  1. Papierschnitzel

    Props Obelisk monument and Plaza base (papercraft)

    This customizable obelisk and base tile works great both as an objective in an RPG adventure or wargame and/or an decorative element in various themes, cultures and ages. After receiving many requests for new options of my free version I decided to make a DELUXE version with different ornament...
  2. Papierschnitzel

    Props Interior bits: Sideboards (papercraft terrain)

    Last year I have started the free "Basic Bits" series where you get little scatter terrain fillers like crates, barrels, carts etc. to add more detail and depth to your adventure. This type of papercraft terrain is quick and easy to make and you can build as many as you want! This year I also...
  3. Papierschnitzel

    building new stuff ... all the time!

    building new stuff ... all the time!
  4. Papierschnitzel

    Props Asian Handcart (scatter prop)

    I have discovered a unique looking handcart during my research and made this papercraft model version of it. I like the triple loading area design and look forward to use it in both my Asian themed games but can also see used it in any exotic location to add some detail to the gaming table. If...
  5. Papierschnitzel

    Props Papercraft terrain I made in 2019

    Yes, I do :) I use the same design in all my ships and basically the rowing boat and the brig are the same level of difficulty (or hopefully easy). If you are interested I can send you the instructions (contact me at I try hard to make the build process as easy and...
  6. Papierschnitzel

    Props Papercraft terrain I made in 2019

    After a busy year, I enjoy to look back at what I made (I tend to focus so much on the future, that I tend to forget my "achievements"). So here is what I created last year. On my Patreon I make smaller scatter terrain. There is a free version and also advanced for Patreons. I was able to put...
  7. Papierschnitzel

    Pirates (and) Ships papermodels

    Hi guys, allow me to introduce my self. I am a papermodel terrain (buildings and vehicles mostly) creator and thought I show you one of the interesting things I have done this year. I call it the Pirate Fleet Builder series, where you can buy downloadable PDF which you print and build into as...