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  1. DMKastmaria

    Dwimmermount PDF 1st Draft -- Its Happening!

    You can contact Jack Shear on Google+ for purchase info, assuming he still has it available.
  2. DMKastmaria

    Dwimmermount PDF 1st Draft -- Its Happening!

    The last word on this, was that Mr. Maliszewski agreed to releasing Dwimmermount as an OGL product, once all was said and done. I don't know if that is still the plan.
  3. DMKastmaria

    {Hypothetical Thought Exercise} A cosmic being annihilates your favorite version of D&D...

    Yeah, if I were to go back to a 3.x variation, it would be 3.0. Core only. Maybe run the Realms and use the stuff from the FR 3.0 setting book. But, that's all! Though, I still kinda want to run Mongoose's Conan d20, one day. However, I'll probably end up using BoL for my as yet unrealized...
  4. DMKastmaria

    {Hypothetical Thought Exercise} A cosmic being annihilates your favorite version of D&D...

    If 1e disappeared, I'll assume OSRIC would be gone as well. So, let's see. Swords & Wizardry would be my go-to. With DCC & LL/AEC as back-ups. Maybe squeeze in some Empire of the Petal Throne, if I'm feeling particularly retro-pretentious...
  5. DMKastmaria

    OSR What Has Caused the OSR Revival?

    Given the strong DIY ethos among OSR DM's and cross-pollination between the clones & TSR era rulesets, the idea of a "dominant" OSR game kinda misses the point of what a lot of people are doing. I own print copies of 9 retro & neo clones and usually run 1e, S&W or my own version of OS D&D, which...
  6. DMKastmaria

    Pathfinder 1E I get the feeling Paizo isn't worried about Wizards of the Coast.

    I don't know if they're worried or not, but I do think Paizo may be implementing a major marketing push. They're stocking the hell out of the retail book chains in my area, including cardboard displays, endcaps, etc. My local FLGS owner made a remark the other day, to the effect that he was...
  7. DMKastmaria

    OSR What Has Caused the OSR Revival?

    When awareness of the OSR first hit the wider gaming community, a lot of 3.x and 4e gamers played the "nostalgia card" as a way of dismissing and belittling old school play. So, yeah, that's one reason some people don't like it. Also, gamers like myself, who've been playing TSR era D&D for 30+...
  8. DMKastmaria

    Swords and Wizardry Complete now free!

    FGG decided to make Swords & Wizardry Complete totally free in pdf, once their current kickstarter reached a certain number of backers. They haven't updated the official site yet (may have by now,) so Matt Finch told everyone to feel free to send copies to whomever.
  9. DMKastmaria

    Pathfinder 1E So far not impressed with Pathfinder

    Did you intend to claim that Bob Bledsaw "wrote most of the DMG?" As in the AD&D DMG?
  10. DMKastmaria

    OSR "Rules & Regulations": An Essay on the OSR

    OSRIC relied on both copyright and contract law. Those interested can read the introduction in the freely available PDF.
  11. DMKastmaria

    D&D with checkpoints?!

    Here's a thought. If your players are really keen on some sort of "cushion," give them a magic-item that will cast a Wish ( a more open-ended, pre-3e style Wish,) once per game week. If the crap hits the fan, they can use the Wish. There's no guarantee that the crap will hit only once in any...
  12. DMKastmaria

    OSR OSRIC Versions?

    The 2nd printing of the Black Blade imprint is the latest version of OSRIC. It's also much nicer than the Lulu version and only costs about .50 cents more. I believe Noble Knight still has copies of this as well.
  13. DMKastmaria

    Future of D&D Keynote Speech [UPDATE - with video!]

    You don't actually have children, do you? :yawn:
  14. DMKastmaria

    L&L: The 2nd one this week (DM Packet)

    My fourth & fifth paragraphs went into rulings territory. And some groups like mashing, amending, changing, warping, kit-bashing, etc., the rules. The DM can decide what constitutes "Forbidden Lore" and how its applied. If the players disagree, then they can make their opinions known and the...
  15. DMKastmaria

    L&L: The 2nd one this week (DM Packet)

    On the other hand, if the DM actually communicates with the players, discusses rulings, rule changes, etc., welcomes and heeds player feedback, what then? Every DM I know, nowadays, is very, very transparent with their houserules. As in "print them up on Lulu, bound with a campaign intro and...
  16. DMKastmaria

    The Playtest Fighter

    So, you're faulting the system because a bad dm will run it poorly? Should they make the game with bad dm's in mind? And how far should they go in that direction? Should they hamstring good dm's, if that will mean less abuse from bad dm's? Is it possible to "dm-proof" an rpg? While keeping...
  17. DMKastmaria

    Wizards: Already Too Strong?

    Not when the dwarf with the big axe is after your blood and likely to plant that big axe into your back. If the Wizard is out front and not hiding behind the dwarf, that may be a different story.
  18. DMKastmaria

    Hit points & long rests: please consider?

    The issue here, is that it cancels the ability to model being moderately to seriously wounded, while still conscious and capable of fighting. Unless, a PC can recover from a serious (though not deadly) wound in just one night.
  19. DMKastmaria

    Wizards: Already Too Strong?

    It's kinda unrealistic to ignore the dwarf with the big Axe, furiously chopping you to pieces.
  20. DMKastmaria

    The Playtest Fighter

    So, this is how you, as a DM, would run the game?