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  1. jrients

    Encounter Critical (OOC)

    You misunderstand me. All the scientific evidence clearly points to boxers, wrestlers, and kung fu dudes being superior in combat to wizards and knights. I just wanted to make sure the JM understood that.
  2. jrients

    Encounter Critical (OOC)

    Before Thrazar answers I would like to note that the Pugilist as given in Asteroid 1618 is way over-the-top in terms of damage output. The wooky boxer in my last run positively wrecked the opposition.
  3. jrients

    Gleemax = Enworld

    A press release that requires a follow-up interview to explain, said explanation directly contradicting the release? What's the point of the press release, then?
  4. jrients

    Gleemax = Enworld

    So we D&D players aren't "hardcore gamers" or "strategy, hobby and tabletop gamers"? Because that's who the press release says is their target audience. Heck, they mention D&D by name twice in that release. "Wizards of the Coast (WotC) will now provide gamers with a centralized destination...
  5. jrients

    Has the wave crested? (Bo9S)

    I had similar misgivings about 9 Swords, but in actual play I've found that a Warblade is at least as good a Conan as the core Barbarian.
  6. jrients

    Has the wave crested? (Bo9S)

    I think it's a totally awesome example of power inflation. Bo9S is exactly the kind of crazy crap I want in my campaign. But I can see why some folks would think it's too much.
  7. jrients

    Why are hit points generated randomly?

    I know you were kidding, but I still find the idea intriguing. Also, I played Lords of Creation last month.
  8. jrients

    Why are hit points generated randomly?

    Is that at the beginning of each session? I'd try something like that...
  9. jrients

    Your Top 5/10 Favorite WotC Supplementary Rulebooks

    1) Tome of Battle: Book of 9 Swords 2) PHB II 3) Unaerthed Arcana 4) Spell Compendium 5-8) The first 4 Complete books. 9) Libris Mortis 10) Heroes of Horror
  10. jrients

    Free RPG Day - What would you choose

    I'd try a WFRP or True20 quickstart. Otherwise, I'm always happy to get another Dungeon Crawl Classic. It's like they write those things to my specific tastes.
  11. jrients

    HackMaster: The New Edition

    Here's what I would want out of a '5th' edition: 1) A Basic Book, 64 or 128 pages softbound, modeled off of Moldvay's basic rules. 2) Real mechanical support for GM vs. party play that sets boundaries that a GM cannot cross. (See Rune and World of Synnibarr for examples.)
  12. jrients

    What constitutes your "comfortable" level in a campaign?

    As a DM I let the players use pretty much every 3.5 book I own, excepting a few parts of Unearthed Arcana (such as the Gestalt classes). That amounts to maybe 20 books they can work with to trick out their killing machines. For my side of the screen, I rarely use more than two books past the...
  13. jrients


    I had a bit of an homage to Demodragon in my previous 3.5 campaign. I took a tarrasque, added the half-dragon template, and gave it an extra head. I even found a toy two-headed dragon about the right size.
  14. jrients

    Giants in the Earth

    Tom Moldvay, along with Lawrence Schick, did a lot of those articles. My favorite was Orvar Odd, the partially troll viking from mythology who seemed sorta a literary relic from the days of when worship of the Green Man flourished.
  15. jrients

    Tom Moldvay passes away (see post #52)

    Over at Dragonsfoot we're working on a complete bibliography. I don't think we're done yet, but here's the thread.
  16. jrients

    Best Game Aids

    IIRC Robin Laws dodged that in his Rune RPG by only allowing NPCs to suffer from certain effects.
  17. jrients

    Andy Collins: "Most Magic Items in D&D Are Awful"

    Most magic items are not awful, but the standard array of items that players will buy or make if they can are boring. I plan on addressing this in my next campaign by using a les sparsely populated world than the DMG suggests is the standard. No item above 3000gp in value will be available for...
  18. jrients

    Disturbing Trend

    Say what?
  19. jrients

    Nerfed spells as prestige class fodder

    So I had this stupid idea for a prestige class called "Magic-Users of the Pointy Hat". The idea was that it would be one of those +1 spellcaster classes for arcane types, with class abilities that mimic spells from earlier editions that have been nerfed in later versions of D&D. For example...
  20. jrients

    Which non-core monster book do you use the Most

    FFG's Monster's Handbook by Mr. Mearls has proven invaluable to my games. It's a 3.0 product but I still use it for my 3.5 games.