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  1. Daven

    D&D 5E The cover of the 5E PHB: What I'd like to see

    It would be good to have b/w title with little credits on top and down. (For my ebook reader, of course :) )
  2. Daven

    The also rans...

    I voted for kender. I would be nice to get them as a sub-race of halflings. And so doing, many people that are angry at lastly halfling "kenderization", could breath a little and get their preferite hobbit-halflings back.
  3. Daven

    What about adventures?

    After 15 years of playing, I think I can tell that I am good at DMing, playing NPCs, or having the right pace on session, but I am very bad at creating adventures or long campaigns. I am just a little good at running free sessions without a story behind. But... I love long stories narrated...
  4. Daven

    D&D 5E What do you want the books for D&Dnext to be like?

    Books? No, thanks. I prefer digital reading. Give me b/w rule-e-books, full color & art pdfs, and a lot of software with tags searching. Even for articles on the site it would be good to have tags. How many times did you search for a particular article on Dragon, but you did not remember when it...
  5. Daven

    My favorite heresy: mundane vs. mundane & magic vs. magic, please!

    My idea of a fantasy fighter is one that takes a wizard lighting, then with a smile says: "Just this?", and then charge. Not a real fighter, a fantasy fighter. If we can have magic, we can have very tough people. Think at Avengers: we have our wizard Iron Man, our barbarian Hulk, and our...
  6. Daven

    D&D 5E The Next Generation

    There is a quick reply that I can make to your advice about taking D&D to the next generation. This reply is: "who cares about next generation?". I explain myself. I think that D&D like other roleplayinggames, is a product of niche. We have to admit that now, this game is sold at adults, if not...
  7. Daven

    D&D is NOT Kobolds surviving Fireball

    A 4e kobold skirmisher is not a 3.x 1st level kobold. A 4e kobold minion is that.
  8. Daven

    Easy Paladin Poll

    I voted for Legal Good paladins, but really I would vote just for Good paladins. I don't care about law/chaos axis, indeed in my campaign there is only good-evil dichotomy. But as paladins concern, I think they are champions of goodness, as blackguards of evil, and somewhat like "bohemian"...
  9. Daven

    D&D 5E Monte Cook Leaves WotC - No Longer working on D&D Next [updated]

    I am not surprised so much as Mike Mearls says. When he returned I thought that he would create problems on opinion divergence level. He acts too much like a rock star. He better works alone.
  10. Daven

    Cleric design goals . Legends and Lore April 23

    The fact is that D&D and videogames based on D&D style fantasy are a very big piece of modern fantasy. Maybe the biggest. D&D created a sub-genre of fantasy, that now is very known thanks to WOW and many similar videogames. I find fine that D&D takes from the same sub-genre of fantasy that it...
  11. Daven

    Blog: Background and Themes a closer look.

    It is more convenient to choose from a list of maybe 50 themes two years of publications after player's handbook 1, than to choose from 200 feats on the same year. The thing goes ever better after 4 years of publications. My friends would certainly be less shocked than they appear now when they...
  12. Daven

    Dragonlance DragonLance in 5e

    I am one that would buy these modules for sure. I say more. I would buy 5E (I am not yet convinced), just to play Dragonlance modules. Yes, I red Dragonlance novels, and I became a good man. The very least thing that I can do to thank Tracy Hickman and Margareth Weis, is to whip my friends at...
  13. Daven

    Consume, Engage, Cherish

    The most simple thing would be to produce each of the three possible products, the consume one possibly online.
  14. Daven

    Why do players like rogues/thieves?

    I think that roleplaying is an important component of choice too. If you must choose between Luke Skywalker and Han Solo, I am almost sure that most of you would choose Han, even if Luke is more powerful (in combat terms). For myself I would choice Luke, infact my favourite class is paladin, but...
  15. Daven

    L&L 3/05 - Save or Die!

    I dislike save-or-die effects. I feel unfair that PCs can take spells like these, but the DM should care to choose monsters without SoD, or to create wizard enemies without SoD, just to prevent frequent deaths (if story is important). I don't care about medusas, or super-poisons. If a sword can...
  16. Daven

    D&D 5E Flow in D&DNext

    In my opinione, it depends on the game-style. In an epic story game 20th level characters should match more difficult enemies than when they were 1st level. So the game has an exponential difficulty curve. In a sand-box game, instead, one should expect that a 20th level character has finally...
  17. Daven

    New rule of 3 . Feb 21.

    Different weapons are like different schools of magic. We need just a class for those. Sub-classes are the answer. Or feat-trees. Or chains of powers. Rules system don't matter, but I like to play a not specialized fighter, and specialized ones.
  18. Daven

    What is the feel of D&D anyway?

    In italian we have a humorous acronym to describe D&D kind of game, EUMATE: "Entra, Uccidi Mostro, Arraffa Tesoro, Esci", literally translated into: "Enter, Kill Monster, Get Treasure, Exit". Obviously you can play D&D in a more story-based way. But even if reductive, I think that "EUMATE" is a...
  19. Daven

    How should rules modules be organized?

    I hope that books (and so results of editing) will not be necessary. I really really hope that there would be a rules cycpedia online with hyperlinks. Not just a collection of stuff like D&D Compendium (that is good for the purpose), but also the rules. An official omni-comprehensive D&D-pedia...
  20. Daven

    D&D Blog. Should Fighters get multiple attacks?

    It's very sad that fighters will return to their "just swinging swords" boreness. It's like if wizards could use only magic missile over and over, improving damage and number of missiles with level. Ok, maybe someone would play such a wizard. But I don't think these ones would be many. However...