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    Ulisses Update: Torg is Back; Dark Tides for Wrath & Glory 30 Percent Off!

    Deanna here. Just wanted to correct a minor thing. Ulisses bought the rights to Torg in 2010, not 2016.
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    [TORG ETERNITY] Torg Eternity Previews have begun

    We've begun to preview Torg Eternity, the update to the classic genre smashing RPG, Torg ahead of the upcoming Kickstarter sometime this spring.
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    DMs Guild Can You Fund A DMs Guild Product On Kickstarter?

    Exactly. Imagine if you had a Kickstarter that makes $10,000...and you give 'complimentary copies' via DMsGuild. And then it sells zero copies from then on in. Where does WotC get it's cut?
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    Torg Eternity Coming in 2016

    Nothing new to report. All I can say is that it continues to be in active development.
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    Torg Eternity Coming in 2016

    [snip] Ninja'ed!
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    Torg Eternity Coming in 2016

    The mechanics will be an updated, streamlined version of the original rules.
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    The Storm Has a Name...

    Sure but there's like, three dozen forums. And this one is in the bottom third. They all kinda meld into one another when you're scanning. Plus, when this one is below the Off Topic and Play-by-Post sections...I wasn't even aware there _was_ anything below those. I didn't keep scrolling.
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    The Storm Has a Name...

    Sorry! Was unaware this forum existed.
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    The Storm Has a Name...

    Find out more on Tuesday, July 21st...or at GenCon 2015!
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    A Storm Is Coming...

    ... Again.
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    Congratulations to the 2015 ENnies Nominees!

    There's no question it was professional quality. None. Zero. It was gorgeous. But that was part of the problem. Heck, I'm all about hacking systems for different IPs, and there's lots out there. But almost all of them feature very little, or no, art and minimal, if any, layout. Many are just...
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    What's a Freelance RPG Writer Worth?

    If the fanzine isn't searchable from Google, that's part of the problem. Not saying that's what happened, but I'm not talking about having it published in a free fanzine. I'm talking about what you did on ENWorld. In my case, I started blogging. Got noticed by some people, interacted on...
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    What's a Freelance RPG Writer Worth?

    One thing that's interesting, is that you're more likely to have your work SEEN as a writer if you give it away for free, than as part of a very cheap, but non-free, PDF.
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    The Biggest RPG Story of the Year?

    Here's a blog post he wrote on it. "We’re in preproduction right now. I’ve designed the fundamental pillars of the world, met with some writers and game designers to get the ball rolling on the actual world building and campaign writing, and...
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    What's exciting you now?

    13th Age (still), Firefly.
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    D&D 5E Old settings coming back?

    Here's the thing though. Those settings are the core of D&D IP. There are a lot of 'D&D' players who no longer play D&D, but would be served and serve as a market for those sorts of products. That way they could support Pathfinder, Old Schoolers, and 13th Age folks as well as those sticking...