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    Memories (A Change of Subject)

    Indeed I remember Sand, and probably one of the most memorable moments was when he kissed Avlantia. Emotion being foreign to him, he thought it was a hug as I recall. *laughs* that took some explaining.
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    Let me tell you a story...

    For the first time the lady is seen placing her memory, the parchment smelling faintly of honeydew, the sweet hint of a summer-time gift. Let me tell you another Of two, three and one. Rumours fit for the devils themselves "Hey, who's that?" "Dunno." "Never seen 'em." "Should we...uhm...go...
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    Let me tell you a story...

    Strangely enough, another memory appears under the first... Let me tell you a story... Of two, three and one. Be that their purpose Or their combined will None shall e'er control That which cannot be understood For they are bound... To purpose as rivers to rain It cannot be seen But it is...
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    The lady ponders, her beautiful features marred with concern...She replies, not on parchment, but on a scrap of silvery silk, the ink soaking into the fibres. Where are you?
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    To My Two Songbirds

    An elf lass in a raven cloak with whisps of golden tresses appears at the boards. Her sparkling eyes ponder the notes with quiet curiosity and unhindered interest. After reading the note she seats herself a moment, penning a reply in the flowing script of a well trained hand. Her face changes...