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    Trying to figure out the new rules

    I'm new to PF, and am getting ready to run a first game of it (using a 3.5 adventure). I'll be the DM and will be running a monster NPC, in this case it's a Very Young Brass Dragon, with no wings. I know how 3.5 would handle such a character's EL (-1 EL due to no wings, than plus the remainder...
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    D&D 4E 4e rule question - extended rest & HP's

    Thank you very much for letting me know (esp. that 12 hours rule). My group got half way through those 3e Realms mega-adventures and we decided to just go 4e. First game should be this weekend.
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    D&D 4E 4e rule question - extended rest & HP's

    Did I read this right? After an extended rest the PC gets back all his hit points. (How can someone even die now in 4e?)
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    Deva or Aasimar?

    I like Maiar or even more Valar, but I understand why those LotR copyrighted names can't be used. I actually like aasimar more than tiefling (don't like the name tiefling). I like aasimar more than deva, even though I don't know the names background. Was it a play on another word?
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    4e Cosmology Changes

    I have big time mix feelings. The planar wheel I did like up until 2e's Planescape ruined it. I like the idea of a planar worlds which are more accessible and don't have crazy rules. I do miss the elemental planes but they made for planes I couldn't imagine adventuring in. EC isn't so bad...
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    Core Books corrections vs. Leaked files?

    The leaked ones I saw were dated from March so I suspect some changes have happened.
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    piracy is a problem

    I believe downloading torrents is legal in Canada (not uploading though). I came across copies of 4e online and I have the books ordered from Amazon. I want the books not PDFs. I am hoping Wizards will tell all distributors to release the books early.
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    D&D 4E I have 4e but there's a catch...

    Now I have 4e! And it's not the books I ordered from Amazon. Oh no, those won't arrive for another 2-3 weeks. Thanks to and someone with a scanner and time on his hands. I have 3 pdf books, Players, DM, MM now. No I won't print these out. I enjoy books not binders. I have a job (and ink...
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    Excerpt: Swarms

    No doubt :) Russians do not have DR vs. swarms.
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    Is anyone sticking with 3.5?

    Yes, no, maybe... I'm 1/3 way through those 3 Realms mega-adventures dealing with the Weave,so I'm 3e for the Summer. Another player, my co-DM is thinking to stick to 3e with his Eberron game till it goes 4th (of course it might be when 4e Eb comes out that he runs it again). Another player...
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    Squaring the Circle (old alignment to new)

    My take... (new/old) LG = LG, LN G = NG, CG U = N, CN, LN E = LE, NE CE = CE, NE A CE guy would seek anything from destruction to get their way or goal, to a guy who wants total entropy. Realms example: Shar is CE, she wants to destroy the lawful Weave, a thing that collects and keeps in...
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    D&D 4E Chris Perkins announces major Eberron changes for 4e

    Converting to 4e will be easy. Suddenly in the Mournlands it was discovered that there was a tiefling and dragonborn kingdom and gnomes suddenly changed. Ta-da!
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    Retired PC Census

    Please answer: 1) Name 2) Race Class Level (& Edition) - Alignment 3) "World" (Greyhawk, Faerun, etc.) 4) Location within the world 5) What do they do now? Knighthawk (basic d&d) (Human) fighter, Neutral Known World Gave up kingdom to his lizardman cohort, Baron von Slime. Now lives in his...
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    First house rule: Tieflings have small horns

    My house rule will probably have them with small horns (if any) and no tail.
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    Excerpt: Racial Benefits

    Really? Race levels I felt were one of the worst 3.x/D20 rules made. How does an elf specialize in being an elf? You just are.
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    D&D 4E 4e Multiclassing and Characters from Fiction

    LotR Frodo, halfling rogue Sam, halfling rogue Pip, halfling rogue, m/c paladin Merry, halfling rogue, m/c fighter Strider, human (aasimar) ranger, m/c warlord Legolas, elf ranger Gimli, dwarf fighter Gandalf, eldarin but looks human (half-celestial) wizard Elric of Melnibone Elric, tiefling...
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    Excerpt: Multiclassing (merged)

    I'm a bit disappointed with 4e m/c. Maybe it plays better than it reads in the preview.
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    Rules I'll use for my Elrond: Core book and rules only. Max level of 20. What I know of the dude: He's old. His grandma or great-grandma was a Eladrin. He was that high-King's herald. Fought in some wars. Dabbles in magic but never came across as a great wizard or warrior or even a holy elf. He...
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    Are you interested in Middle-earth setting or supermodule?

    I do! Most game worlds and fantasy RPGs seem to go in another direction. I want a Pseudo-Europe with elves and dwarves! Six
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    Are you interested in Middle-earth setting or supermodule?

    Be neat but hard to do if the setting is forced to have all core rules. POL rules is simple to do up till the 5th Age. Would halflings have to be rewritten to be hobbits or would they still be river rafting Jamacan kenders? Would I be expected to actually still play one?? Men, elves...