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    D&D 5E How to Think About 6-8 Encounters Per Day

    As someone playing both 4E and 5E currently, I'll say I definitely don't feel like I have more of a choice in 5E, or that the choice comes up more frequently or gets weighed for longer when it does come up. Nearly any time a group would say no to a 4E short rest, they'd also say no to a 5E one...
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    D&D 5E Why Has D&D, and 5e in Particular, Gone Down the Road of Ubiquitous Magic?

    It feels significantly more magical than 4e's Hunter's Quarry to me. Oh, it starts off pretty much the same: a minor/bonus action, pick a target that you can see (4e's it had to be the closest, but 5e is less concerned with giving people incentives to move about in combat), deal a d6 extra...
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    D&D 5E Short Rests: How many does your group get/take between long rests, on average?

    0-1 Most days, we just don't have a need for a rest. Other days, we need one and can take one ... and on a good number of those, after we've taken the short rest we don't end up fighting again before our next long rest. Then there's the days where we could really use multiple short rests, but...
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    D&D 5E Why do you play 5e? What game did you come from?

    I play 5E because it's what the people I'm playing with choose to play. The group started as a 4E group, then after a couple of short campaigns switched to the Next playtest, and from there transitioned to 5E. Given the choice, I'd rather be playing 4th. Prior to 4E (and occasionally since)...
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    Pathfinder 1E Sacred Geometry - Ladies and gentlemen, Pathfinder has jumped the shark

    You don't need to be a mathematical genius. You can be horrible at math as long as the DM doesn't bother to check your work.
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    D&D 5E Player's Handbook Races

    My experience differs: the single longest-played character in the ('been on hiatus so long that only sentimentality prevents me from declaring it dead') campaign I DMed was a dragonborn paladin played by a female player, who, immediately upon seeing the female dragonborn art declared that her...
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    How Much Would a Castle Cost?

    A (possibly not all that helpful) counterpoint: How much would a castle cost? If we're talking an in place, in good repair, defensible keep with accompanying lands and supporting farms and settlements from which it derives income? Priceless. Not for sale. These are the sorts of things that are...
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    D&D 5E Player's Handbook Races

    Sorry, no offence intended, but this made me chuckle. Appropriating terms to mean something different from the intention of the original meaning is a D&D tradition that goes back pretty much to the beginning. Cleric, paladin, gorgon, medusa, pegasus, Bahamut, Baphomet, Tiamat, troglodyte...
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    D&D 5E D&D 5e Basic Set: Things that make you go "what?!"

    I noticed this in play, rather than spotting it in the rules, but as it's a head-scratcher that exists as a consequence of the rules, I suppose it fits here. When trying to prevent an opponent from attacking a more vulnerable party member or NPC (or even just trying to stop them from reaching a...
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    D&D 5E Is a +3 weapon needed...when it boosts damage by 53%?

    In my game? No. Because if I ever choose to DM in the system (I currently play both 4E and 5E, and have DMed 4E), nobody would be getting +1 items, never mind +3. +n magic items are a sacred cow that I'm quite content to put out to pasture.
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    D&D 5E Should the Fighter's "Second Wind" ability grant temporary HP instead of regular HP?

    No. As others have pointed out elsewhere, effective use of temporary hit points is having them in place before taking damage (thereby preventing as much real damage as possible). This runs directly counter to the idea of a second wind, which is a recovery rather than a pre-emptive event.
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    Devil worship as a brand

    ... really? I mean, I've certainly seen the major publishers occasionally make some noise about trying to get kids to read comics, but in terms of actual efforts it's abundantly clear that they're aiming much more at the Game of Thrones crowd than the LEGO Movie/Frozen one. I could go on at...
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    Mixing class abilities in a class based system: Does this defeat the purpose?

    Given the existence of role-playing games that do not use class systems, this is clearly incorrect. If there is truly a single feature that we can point to that sets role-playing games apart from all other games, I would think it rather obvious that that feature is 'role-playing' (an activity...
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    GAME OF THRONES #4:Oathkeeper ACT 43 Chapter 4-2014

    Which is the approach that was used by Anne Boleyn to convince King Henry to make her his queen (rather than his mistress) in The Tudors (I'll leave it to others more knowledgeable on the subject to assert or deny the historical authenticity of the depiction) ... as played by the same actress.
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    Pathfinder 1E So what do you think is wrong with Pathfinder? Post your problems and we will fix it.

    The set of things that are 'not magic in the traditional sense' is not the same thing as the set of things that are 'non-traditional magic'. To assert otherwise is to assert that all things are magic, with the only meaningful distinction being between those which are so in the traditional sense...
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    Recommend a Fantasy Book to Me

    The Name of the Wind and its sequel, The Wise Man's Fear by Patrick Rothfuss. A small-town inn keeper with secrets reluctantly recounts the tale of his entire life over the span of three days. Each book represents one of those days. The third book is still in progress and is as-yet untitled...
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    D&D 5E Healing Surges, Hit Dice, Martial Healing, and Overnight recovery: Which ones do you like?

    This is neither the function not the purpose of healing surges. This is the function and purpose of the short rest mechanic. Short rests allow characters to restore their own HP and encounter-based abilities without expending powers or non-renewable resources (potions, etc.). By actually being...
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    D&D 5E When should our warriors see their first +1 longswords?

    I don't particularly care how other people handle it in their own campaigns, so I don't have an answer to the "when should" part of the question. Were I to be running a campaign in the system (I'm currently playing in one that uses the final public playtest rules), my answer to when would my...
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    D&D 5E Can mundane classes have a resource which powers abilities?

    I've clearly spent too much time in the company of the wrong sort of house cat, because my immediate reaction was "Yes they do, all the time."
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    D&D 5E Healing Surges, Hit Dice, Martial Healing, and Overnight recovery: Which ones do you like?

    These things happen all of the time ... in my 4E games. With 5 minute short rests. They even happen when the party enters combat with all of their HP, and at all possible amounts of surges (full, partially used, entirely exhausted). So not only is the thrill you speak of not removed, but I can...