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    Loaded Dice

    I really can't abide cheating during a game session, as a player and especially as a DM/GM. If I were running the game and noticed or had it brought to my attention, I'd announce at the next session that until further notice, all d6 rolls will be reversed. 6s are now 1s and 1s, 6s, etc. Let...
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    An Open Letter to Fantasy Flight and Cubicle 7 -- Cut the "Foreplay" and Give Us the Good Stuff

    Dear Esteemed Designers at Cubicle 7 and Fantasy Flight Games, Hello! I'm very happy to report that I am a proud owner of products in several of your product lines. I have greatly enjoyed using them, and am very happy with my purchases to date. I recently purchased Edge of the Empire which...
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    Upset about another edition!

    As a few others have already stated, just because WotC is working on a new edition, doesn't mean you have to buy into it. If you have 4E and enjoy it, then by all means keep playing it. Not to mention, that D&DN is at least another year away, so that's a full year for you to enjoy the books...
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    Your Rpg shelf

    Marsh/Cook D&D Basic/Expert Box Sets D&D Creature Catalog AD&D Original Covers PHB, DMG, MM, FF AD&D Orange Spine MM2, UA, WSG, DSG, L&L, OA, MotP AD&D 2E PHB, DMG, MM C&C PHB, M&T, CK Screen, Umbrage Saga Box Set, Castle Zagyg:Yggsburgh Arcanis Core book, Forged in Magic Witch Hunter Core...
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    Your D&D edition is not a football team

    I have to disagree. Right now, my edition of choice, my team, is in the lead for bringing home the trophy, to me. 5E is now the new player on the field, trying desperately to make the play and prove they can be just as good as my team. In order for them to do that, they have to perform every...
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    D&D 1E My clever theory: why 1e AD&D is being reprinted

    I'm of the mind that, barring how successful the sales of the 1E reprints are, we may then see reprints or compilations and reprints of some of the earlier modules too, in limited supply. Doing limited supply means WotC gets to make a profit, the fans get the opportunity to purchase/repurchase...
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    Has this forum given you the urge to play previous editions?

    In a way, yes. We just started a 2E game last weekend and will have our second session tomorrow night. I also had the urge to pick up some setting material for 2E which I don't have so, I hit eBay the other night.
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    An Essay to Wizards of the Coast

    Not to mention the older edition fans. To another group of fans, even 3.x, which is at least considered closer to prior editions than 4E, was still more than they wanted from a new system. So to say that 5E should incorporate just 3.x and 4E, well, no. WotC has stated that D&DN will benefit all...
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    Difficulty Dial?

    Many fifteen year olds grew up playing AD&D, with those adventures. My son, at 14 was playing AD&D with our adult group of players in ToH, nothing "hard" about it, and even commented how in some ways, he prefers it to 4E. So...
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    D&D 5E 5E according to me (mkill)...

    I have to agree, I hope 5E has modules/options for players to run their game in a 4E fashion, but for me personally, I'd like the Core to be much further away from anything resembling 4E and more towards earlier editions.
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    In my wishlist: Minions

    While I was never really sold on the concept of Minions, I do think that they would make a nice addition to the Core MM. Perhaps a small section/chapter dedicated to Minions and how to convert standard monsters to minions for those that want to use them. Cool.
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    D&D 5E Skills in 5E. Do we want them?

    As to Thieves, they had a nice array of thieving abilities to handles "Moving Silently" and Pick Pocketing", no need for a Stealth or Thievery "skill" As to other stuff, just an attribute check seems to work in most cases. I don't really consider attribute checks to be a true "skills system"...
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    D&D 5E Skills in 5E. Do we want them?

    For Core, I'd like to see no skills. But for modules/options I think one or two variant skill systems would be nice. Have one that is simple and one more complex.
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    D&D 5E Should 5e have save or die?

    I posted what I consider a reasonable method for handling Sv vs Death in another thread concerning Medusa and turn to stone, but a similar situation with poison could easily be handled as either insta-death or progressive death. Basically, just write the effect: Just something quick and dirty...
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    D&D 5E Your 5E

    Double-y quoted because it is a great idea.
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    D&D 5E Are you going to start at level 1 for your 5th Edition PCs?

    If I like the game and decide to run it, then yes, I'll start a new game with 1st level characters.
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    Rule Zero?

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    I like D&D

    Idk, I guess I just can't see how taking out is easier than putting in. Though I understand how someone might feel certain things may get left out and therefore need to be made up. But all in all, if I wanted to buy just a scanner, I wouldn't want to buy an All-In-One unit (scanner, printer...
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    PCs vs NPCs: Do It Yourself / Skills / Proficiencies

    Now, I'm pretty sure there are going to be some players that disagree with me on this, and that's perfectly ok, because I can understand the reasoning behind the game play. But, one thing I miss from older editions is the reliance of PCs on NPCs to get certain things done for them. Later...
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    Vancian? Why can't we let it go?

    If what you say you believe to be true, then I high doubt your credibility where D&D is concerned. 4E was WotCs end-all-be-all for attracting modern gamers to the D&D scene. In case you've missed it, it didn't work out as well as WotC would have liked, which leads me to believe that what you say...