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    The Day Has Come! It's An OGL! And A Store To Buy & Sell D&D 5E Products!

    The news motivated me to post here again instead of poking around various OGL (and completely unrelated) projects and ideas. I don't quite get how Dungeon Master's Guild is supposed to work. Do they accept non-English sources and/or adventures?
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    C&Ds for Online D&D 5E Character Generators

    That's a very good question. That's the key question. And tertio, why take down Pathfinder too? Wizards have no copyright on this one...
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    A Post-Zeus Greek Pantheon

    I like the idea of demigods ascending to godhood!
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    D&D 4E Where are all the 4E resources?

    I've tried to find Mike Mearls discussing comparisons between the editions (1-2-3-4e), and oopsie, the links I can find are all 404. Help?
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    Chainmail Bikini Games & the OGL

    Anyone know where to find Chainmail Bikini PDFs, then?
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    D&D 5E So, 5e OGL

    Good point, but I agree that the close-mouthedness in general around 5e isn't helping...
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    [d20] Limit class/race choices via point buy method

    I just remembered : 6 CP is fine and dandy for further leveling, but how do I tell which classes/races are more powerful than others? We're not likely to get beyond lvl 15, where most d20 stuff breaks down still.
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    [d20] Limit class/race choices via point buy method

    Creating new spells :P
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    [d20] Limit class/race choices via point buy method

    Thanks a bunch, that really helps! 6 CP it is, and I'm dropping some features I deem OP. And if I'm reading it right, Eclipse allows nearly infinite spell crafting?
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    Adjusting CR for solo campaign

    Adding is a much better idea than multiplying, thanks for the ideas. And obviously manual verification is needed, but I wanted to know where to start :D
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    Adjusting CR for solo campaign

    Well, I've found that it's the case for most stuff, but not dragons, for example. They will not get creamed by the party, they will cream the party unless the party's super buffed.
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    Adjusting CR for solo campaign

    Multiply by 4? I know standard CR is with 4 characters in mind, but... 1)a 1/2 CR goblin is in no way equal to a lvl 1 character and will get creamed either way 2) multiplying a 1 CR drow by 4 gives me CR 4 (without any templates or additional levels) ... so isn't a x4 multiplier a little...
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    [d20] Limit class/race choices via point buy method

    I'm not really familiar with Eclipse, as I only found it yesterday, and I thought of using it as a sort of a guideline to what classes/races are more powerful than others. Races's ECLs are often wonky, and classes have no such classification. Unless there are better ideas? I seem to recall a...
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    Adjusting CR for solo campaign

    I am going to be running a solo campaign (from time to time, I might allow an NPC merc or two to help out, but for a hefty price). How would I adjust the CRs so that the character wouldn't get pitted against enemies too powerful or too weak? The only thing I found so far is an old post here ...
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    [d20] Limit class/race choices via point buy method

    I recently got my hands on Eclipse: The Codex from RPGNow (a shareware point-buy classless d20 OGL supplement). However, I would like to keep classes and races. I've seen conversion guides for 3.x and Pathfinder both, but what I want is some sort of a guideline which would prevent the players...
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    Open Game Content and Product Identity License

    Still, an interesting case has been raised: names that would be PI under OGL, but that occur elsewhere and can be taken and even attributed as inspiration. Dragonborn, hobbit, mithril, whatever. Are they PI or not?
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    D&D 5E Baldur's Gate Comic from IDW Announcement.

    Eeek! Minsc and Boo are back!
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    D&D 5E WotC will not allow translation of D&D NEXT.

    There goes any hope of a Polish D&D N translation...
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    D&D 5E Surf's D&D 5e Monster Analysis

    Looking forward to this as well.