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    RIFTS mini-con in Los Angeles this weekend

    This news is very cool, but for a specific audience. WHAT? LOSCON - a science fiction convention in Los Angeles - is hosting a RIFTS mini-con! WHO? Anyone who enjoys RIFTS (Palladium or Savage Worlds) or who would like to try RIFTS...and who will be in Los Angeles this weekend. WHEN...
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    BREACHWORLD D6 from Kickstarter Game Empire LOS ANGELES October 4, 2014

    Players can sign up for the 10am or the 7pm slot via OR feel free to post in the Breachworld thread on the MeetUp page. Or just drop in! But please note my games often fill up, so it helps to lock down your spot with Warhorn. That's why I am running twice on next Saturday.
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    D&D 5E D&D 5e death and consequences?

    There's been no consequence for death even back with 3e, and additionally 4e and 5e make dying itself a rarity (except for your characters, of course) with its laughable access to healing and please-don't-die over and over again saving rolls. But that's deliberate design choices based on who's...
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    BREACHWORLD D6 from Kickstarter Game Empire LOS ANGELES October 4, 2014

    Hey everybody! I am excited about a new RPG called BREACHWORLD I backed on Kickstarter. It's by Jason Richards who has written for RIFTS and Chaos Earth by Palladium. Breachworld is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi/fantasy RPG, where future Earth has been overrun by thousands of interdimensional...
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    D&D 5E So, 5e OGL

    The OGL destroyed the D&D brand and there is no way to put that genie back in the bottle. Remember that when I say OGL, I don't mean the great D20 license which was a completely separate issue. And before you say "the OGL didn't destroy their brand", please let me introduce you to Pathfinder...
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    D&D 5E Vote for your favourite 5E cover art!

    The PHB color scheme is just terrible. The trade dress across the line is embarrassing. I am not a Paizo fan whatsoever, but their art blows away all of the WotC 5e stuff. Totally unexcited about owning any of those books, but in judging the art, I gotta go with the Starter Set being the most...
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    LOS ANGELES RPG GAME DAY this Saturday July 6th 10am-10pm at Game Empire

    LOS ANGELES RPG GAME DAY this Saturday July 6th 10am-10pm at Game EmpireHey Crazy Kids! Who amongst thee liveth within 50 miles of the Rose Bowl? The Pasadena D&D Meetup happens at the awesome Game Empire store in Pasadena on the first Saturday of the month. This month I am running 2 Classic...
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    Evolving editions?

    I don't think RPGs have evolved. If that was so, we would have quantifiably better games now than in the past. But we don't. We just have people who like different editions for personal reasons. Interesting enough though, we have seen actual evolution in boardgame and wargame development...
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    CELESTICON - Northern California - Labor Day Weekend (8/31-9/3)

    Do you play Warhammer? I just got a staff email talking about how our Doc Dragon 40k & Fantasy tournaments are just packed with players. We are making room for extra players and our other Miniature events are getting booked up too. So if you play minis, this will be a cool weekend for you...
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    Central Coast Gaming Stores?

    Captain Nemo is probably the best in the Central Coast. More importantly, the Central Coast has PolyCon - the convention put on by the CalPoly University gaming club - which is really awesome. They also have a weekly Game Night and quarterly mini-cons plus other events. Check it out -...
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    Death by Infelicitas - Is it acceptable?

    D&D has easy access to resurrection. Most other RPGs do not, but constently the topic of players upset about PC death is a D&D focussed topic. I find that odd.
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    Sci-Fi System Recommendations

    The Mechanoid Invasion by Palladium Books. It's on PDF on DriveThru and its old school awesome. The Mechanoid Trilogy is also on PDF and its a good purchase because its the full story arc. It would be great for PBEM because the rules are light, but descriptions and tactics matter more than...
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    CELESTICON - Northern California - Labor Day Weekend (8/31-9/3)

    In addition to the dozens of RPG events, we have a couple LARP events that deserve special mention... LIVE DUNGEON The Tomb of the Sun King is a Live Action Role Playing event. In which the player will attempt to work their way Though the puzzles and traps of the Room. It will requirement...
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    D&D 5E Can somebody sum up 5E for me so far?

    It's the same thing at the playtest tables. If you like 3e, then 5e is too much 4e. If you like 4e, then 5e is too much 3e. At most tables, I get 5e = 1e + 4e or 5e = 2e + 3e as the player response of why they feel 5e either is "meh" or "suxxors" Of course, if WotC really isn't going to put...
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    CELESTICON - Northern California - Labor Day Weekend (8/31-9/3)

    CELESTICON When: Labor Day Weekend (August 31st - September 3rd 2012) Where: Fremont Marriott, Fremont, CA CelestiCon Game Convention Special Guests include Richard Borg (AD&D), Frank Chadwick (Space 1899) and many more! Special Events include a Live Dungeon, a Steampunk Dance LARP, RPGA...
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    Shane Hensley at PolyCon (6/22-6/24) - California

    The Ice Cream Social just got liquid nitrogen! Also, there will be a convention wide Zombie Apocalypse LARP and another massive campus wide Nerf Wars.
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    Shane Hensley at PolyCon (6/22-6/24) - California

    I have no idea where on ENworld is the appropriate place to pimp our local RPG conventions, so mods please pop this baby where its most appropriate. POLYCON PolyCon XXX - Islands of PolyCon San Luis Obsipo (halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco) June 22nd - June 24th, 2012 PolyCon...
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    Jonathan Tweet talks "13th Age"

    13th Age is far more interesting than anything I've heard about 5e. Between this game and the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG, I am excited about the new stuff in our hobby. There is something very powerful in design when you don't have to create something hamstrung by the commercial need to...
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    D&D 5E On 5e Splatbooks

    I liked the 4e PHB 2 and 4e PHB 3. I am happy to buy a few hardbacks. Less interested in a stack of softcovers. I think Tier books would be good. AKA, separate Paragon and Epic books. Kinda like how Red Box was levels 1-3 and Blue Box was 4-8th, etc.
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    D&D 5E Has 5E Restored or Diminished Your Faith in WotC?

    I am disappointed that 4e & Gamma World have ended at WotC. I am looking forward to whoever launches the 4e retroclone company to attempt another Pathfinder snag at the fan base. I hope they do a great job because 4e is tremendous fun. 5e? So far I am deeply unimpressed. I have no interest...