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    'Right Out of the Box', 'Some Assembly Required' and 'Do It Yourself'

    No comments? Or is it just too obvious to be response worthy?
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    'Right Out of the Box', 'Some Assembly Required' and 'Do It Yourself'

    It's amazing how many times I've looked at a D&D rule from 3e/3.5e and thought, 'but why didn't they... oh yeah... that would be too much like the Hero System (Champions).' Maybe it's just me. But I really do have the sense sometimes that when updating 'the world's most popular roleplaying...
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    Character kits?

    The important thing to note about AD&D kits is that they are a way to customize a character right from the start. Prestige classes differ the differentiation to mid- to high levels. Archetypes may or may not include significant changes at 1st level. I agree wholeheartedly with...
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    A sacred cow to slay: starting at 1st level

    Steal some inspiration from Star Wars Saga Edition. Seperate the 'starting package' of class abilities from the level progression. A starting character of class X would get (a choice of) appropriate distinguishing features. In addition, the character would also receive a selection of an...
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    D&D 5E No ascending bonuses: A mathematical framework for 5e

    Hero points seem 'bolted on' too me too. But I like the notion of abstract hitpoints as representing more than fighting prowess and endurance (CON bonus.) I think it would be great if each class used their 'prime requisite' ability score to modify their hit point total instead of CON for...
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    Should races have mechanical effects?

    I'm also of the opinion that races should have mechanical differences and favor options which allow additional mechanical differences to accrue as a character levels. In 3.5e, there were feats, bloodlines, and racial class levels which allowed this to some degree. But they were added piecemeal...
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    D&D 5E Skills in 5E. Do we want them?

    If noncombat abilities (skills, nonweapon proficiencies, background, talents, etc.) are a distinct subsystem seperate from character class, then it could be a matter of preference whether to use them or not. For 'trained skills', I echo the notion that has been mentioned several times that...
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    Classes: Combat versus Noncombat Abilities

    Too many options can be overwhelming. A little structure and definition can be a good thing. And classes, which are essentially character-building templates, are an integral part of D&D. A strict divide between combat and noncombat abilities could be maintained without creating a dichotomy...
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    D&D 5E Skills in 5E. Do we want them?

    My preference would be a seperate level-base 'proficiencies' subsystem to represent all noncombat abilities. It would include trained skills, natural talents, extraordinary abilities, and even supernatural effects (spells, rituals, etc.) that don't directly affect combat mechanics. It would...
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    Classes: Combat versus Noncombat Abilities

    The 'metagaming' I'd prefer to avoid involves character building. If you allow selections made in a subsystem largely geared to noncombat activities (AD&D nonweapon proficiencies, 3e/3.5e skills) to impact combat mechanics, then these options will frequently be chosen strictly to optimize...
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    Classes: Combat versus Noncombat Abilities

    My ideal would be a system that completely divorces combat and noncombat abilities. Classes would offer unique, flavorful, and mechanically-balanced options to allow players equal opportunity in combat. A seperate level-base 'proficiencies' subsystem would provide options for noncombat...
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    Necropolitans (Libris Mortis)

    I always assumed that the inspiration was British author China Miéville. Bas-Lag - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Shatterworld: Original Campaign Setting

    Hi Niccodaemus. The map is great, and all of your place names are extremely evocative! I'm off to work, but I've bookmarked this thread to read when I have the chance. Kudos!
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    IMPORTANT! Should EN World continue reporting RPG news?

    For years, the news page was invariably my first stop on Enworld. Often I'd just be checking the news, if I didn't have time to spend on the boards. But 4e isn't to my taste, so when it became the primary focus of the news page (and the site in general), I lost interest. I get my Pathfinder...
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    Can a Human take the Hierophant Presitge Class in Arcanis?

    Players Guide to Arcanis, pg. 195: Hierophant Additional Requirements: Dwarves and Gnomes may not choose this prestige class. Only Elorii may become Hierophants of Belisarda. Prestige Class Alterations: In Arcanis, Hierophants gain “+1 Spell Caster level” every level after the first as they...
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    I need advice about a new campaign....

    A couple of products come to mind. Legends of the Dark Ages by Charles Rice has rules for social station. (I think they're called either bloodlines or lineages, and go from serf/slave up to high nobility.) I recall that it is very crunchy, with new classes, feats, etc. Green Ronin's Medieval...
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    Pie chart of forum popularity

    I'd wager a gold piece or two that the Story Hour forum sees a bit more traffic during a week when Sepulchrave II posts an update. Hint, hint.:angel:
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    The Grand OGC Wiki!

    This is a truly amazing site. The DM Sketchpad content is uniformly interesting and very high quality. It's better than most published material.
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    Need advice for creating CR 17-19 Nymph NPC

    From Unearthed Arcana (by way of Druid The druid might choose to give up her wild shape ability in exchange for becoming a swift and deadly hunter. Gain Bonus to Armor Class when unarmored (as monk, including Wisdom bonus to AC), fast movement (as monk), favored enemy (as...