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    Oops, duplicated post, please remove this one

    Oops, duplicate post, please remove
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    GM looking for players in West Bloomfield, MI for Friday nights

    Game: D&D 5e Group type: Face-to-face Experience: veteran (new players welcome, I have been introducing players to gaming for decades and am perfectly happy to have new players in the mix ) Location/Timezone: West Bloomfield, MI Schedule: Weekly (aspirationally, I've got a kid and family stuff...
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    Looking to start a group in West Bloomfield, MI

    Time slot: Friday 6 - 9 Location: West Bloomfield, MI Frequency: Weekly (aspirationally, I've got a kid and family stuff so I think we'll be doing good to get 30 sessions a year, semi-weekly though would be fewer than I would like after the inevitable need to cancel some sessions for other...