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    Risen Sun Heresy

    ...The possibility of a forgotten god in the forgotten desert is interesting indeed...if permitted One wishes to propose an opposing faction (other than that of the Morning Lord's "faithful" and the "heritics") to this revival in elder deities of death. One speaks of the Order of the Long Death...
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    A figure approaches the boards quietly, wrapped tightly in sashes. His eyes shift through the bulletins intently, as if searching for something important. His gaze stumbles over one parchment in particular, almost missing it, to which he reads. There is a snort beneath the shawl wrapped tightly...
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    Rumors on the Roads

    The parchment appears to be posted by a muddy hand, written in the poor script of a commoner with the dialect of Greyhawk, but with no signature or other marks to define the author Be wary, me friends! A terrible plague has beset the village of Pitchfield, and is spreading from traveler to...