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  1. pweent

    D&D 4E What level have you achieved in a 4E campaign?

    We converted our pre-existing 3e campaign to 4e in Feb. '09 with the characters at 14th (4e) level. Last night they made level 27. At epic tier, I'm doing a fair bit of lowering hit points and raising damage, especially for solo and elite creatures (which there are a lot of when converting...
  2. pweent

    Essentials Assassin

    Quick Shot is only effective with hand crossbows. Not so great for assassins who want to be throwing daggers or shuriken. Shuriken in particular are strongly nerfed between the removal of Unerring Shuriken and the modifications to Attack Finesse. It would indeed be great to see some editorial...
  3. pweent

    D&D 4E 4E DMs: What setting are you currently using?

    Your poll also doesn't allow multiple choices for those of us running multiple campaigns. I went with Eberron as it's my longest running game, but I've also got games going in Dark Sun and Golarion.
  4. pweent

    New Essential Cleric Support in Oct Dragon

    Very glad to hear it. The one place I strongly felt 4e was a regression from 3e was in the move from general Cleric domains to deity-specific feats. I was glad to see Domains make their return to 4e, and look forward to getting enough Essentials domains to nicely flesh out the Eberron deities again!
  5. pweent

    Where are the changes to monsters from MM3 found?

    I'm pretty sure Henry's referring to the two tables shown on page 4 of the July 2010 rules update, "Damage by Level" and "Monster Statistics By Role."
  6. pweent

    Which RPGs are you currently playing?

    Weekly: D&D 4th edition Sporadic but ongoing: WFRP 2nd edition Dogs in the Vineyard Didn't list in the poll, but we hit from time to time: octaNe Paranoia XP Hopefully starting sometime soon: Eclipse Phase Dark Heresy Spirit of the Century
  7. pweent

    Grand List of iPhone Apps for D&D Gaming

    The Dicenomicon is a pretty full featured dice roller I'm just starting to get into. I'm hoping this will be an app that'll fill the void left by Dice Pro for Palm since I left that platform long ago. D&D doesn't have very complicated dice needs, but if you play other games, it's nice to have...
  8. pweent

    Next Month: Githzerai

    Wait, then who was Public Enemy's Minister of Information? This is all so confusing.
  9. pweent

    I have the Eberron Player's Guide and Kingdom of Ghouls

    Regarding "Anyone can have a Dragonmark!": Since even Hellcow seems to be talking around the point a bit, I'd like to point out the following line from the Eberron Campaign Guide posted yesterday on WotC's site: So yes, your Warforged character can carry the Mark of Making. You now officially...
  10. pweent

    I have the Eberron Player's Guide and Kingdom of Ghouls

    Perhaps, but I think it's more likely that we're just seeing changes similar to those the gnome underwent from the Monster Manual writeup to the full racial writeup in PHB2.
  11. pweent

    I have the Eberron Player's Guide and Kingdom of Ghouls

    Thanks much! I have a couple of questions, if you'd indulge... - The Battlesmith artificer previewed in Dragon was Int primary, Con secondary. What's the secondary attribute for the Tinker? - House Orien's mark in 3rd edition allowed for some limited in-combat teleporting (dimension leap). The...
  12. pweent

    Games You Want to Play

    I'd like to play: Spirit of the Century (I've played a game at DunDraCon, but I'd love to get characters made with my regular group for pick-up play) Shadowrun 3e (I have very fond memories of our first edition game in college, and I miss my dice pools.) For comparison, we're playing D&D 4e...
  13. pweent

    How many DM's have actually run a published Adventure Path?

    Well, I haven't completed an AP yet, but we are almost to the end of Chapter 6 of Age of Worms. We took a hiatus after Chapter 5, and we've converted to 4e beginning with Chapter 6. Advice: read well ahead. Think about how PCs are expected to make the transition from one chapter to the next...
  14. pweent

    Summer Gaming Report: What Are You Playing?

    4th edition, WFRP, and a bit of Dogs in the Vineyard if all goes well.
  15. pweent

    Your Favorite Halfling?

    Our campaign has over the past decade wound up with our own particular defining characteristic for halflings, based on the original 1e racial traits, and supported nicely by the 4e halfling stats: Halflings have a ridiculous capacity to survive the most deadly circumstances - circumstances...
  16. pweent

    Compendium problems?

    You might try a quit and relaunch of FF if you haven't already; I was having similar incomplete menu issues earlier with Safari. In my case, a simple refresh of the page cleared things up.
  17. pweent

    Do you play more for the story or the combat?

    I ain't choosin'. :cool: Games of pure combat with no (or threadbare) story are just dull. On the other hand, if combat is minimal to the story, D&D is not the system I'm going to use for the game.
  18. pweent

    Druid & Invoker Playtests in December

    Both of the upcoming playtests are subscription only. That looks like the new model - the months-early playtest material via subscription, and short excerpts of this month's releases such as we saw with Martial Power on the free side.
  19. pweent

    Druid & Invoker Playtests in December

    The DDI calendar for December is up, and it seems we get two class playtests this month! The Druid is listed for Dec. 1. Not too much of a surprise there. But the Invoker playtest listed for Dec. 15 was a pleasant surprise, especially since at the present we know little more than the name. I'm...
  20. pweent

    Are you buying a DDI subscription?

    Surprisingly (to me anyway), I'll be subscribing for the initial period. I'm enjoying Dragon and Dungeon enough that it's worth the current discounted subscription price. As a Mac user though, once they start wanting to increase the price for applications I can't use, I'll be bowing out.