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    Summon Elemental

    I was going over summoning spells and when it comes to Summon Elemental. To summon say an Earth Elemental, do I use Summon Elemental spell list by itself? Or do I have to combine with another spell list to summon specificlly an Earth Elemental?
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    Campaigns in a nutshell. Adventures in a sentence.

    Truth of Half-Men: The PC's whom have been making a name for themselves in the Matriarchal Jungle Kingdom of Dridi find themselves caught up with disappearing villages and strange creatures from another plane. Everything seems to point towards the Legendary Half-Men who visited well before the...
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    Spycraft 2.0 and a modern magic campaign

    Spycraft 2.0 + DI Campaign + Elements of Magic = Spell Goodness I in fact use the Spycraft 2.0 ruleset along with the Dark Inheritance rule set (Safe Spell Levels and EP's) with the Revised Elements of Magic ruleset for my Fantasy Campaign. With Dark Inheritance being updated via the...
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    I need some advice on romance.

    Seduction Spycraft 1.0 and Spycraft 2.0 by AEG offers a Seduction ruleset would fit what you are after. Spycraft 1.0 had seduction as part of a three roll system using Innuendo, Sense Motive and finally Bluff to secure your chances. Spycraft 2.0 using a system similar to the 1.0 Chase system...
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    Defense Roll

    I've been using a similar rule for a while now. As a DM the only rolls I make seem to be for damage (and sometimes players roll for that too). NPC just have a DC and players have to beat it. I try to keep it simple and have players only roll at the start of each round and record it form there.
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    Running for Less Than Four Players

    Making ends meet I run games for my fiance and another player. To get around the issue of not having a well rounded party they have their own main PC and then there is a selection of NPC's which have helped them out in past adventures etc who they call upon and use as secondary characters to...
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    Great Villain Showdown [5th Round Results Posted]

    Round Five: 1. Hannibal Lecter 2. Emperor Palpatine 3. Sauron (Lord of the Rings) 4. The Joker
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    Great Villain Showdown: 3rd Round [Results Posted]

    1. Hannibal Lector 2. Great Cthulhu 3. Docter Octopus 4. The Joker 5. Graf Orlock (Nosferatu) 6. Jack Torrence (The Shining) 7. Emperor Palpatine 8. Mr. Edward Hyde 9. Lord Voldemort 10. Mr Burns 11. Sauron (Lord of the Rings) 12. Megatron 13. Thoth-Amon 14. The Master (Dr. Who) 15.Dracula...
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    The Weapon Skill System, Updated, Clarified, and Improved.

    Why are clubs and hammers split up? They use the same basic 'attack' pattern, you pick it up and swing and hit something. I'd also be tempted to put spears in with Pole Arms, more than leave them in their own group. Also why are swords the only weapon to be have a two handed variety? Why no two...
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    The Weapon Skill System, Updated, Clarified, and Improved.

    I don't have Star Wars D20 but I although similar from what I understand it is also different. I have kept most of the weapon damages the same, I have been tweaking Threat and Error Ranges to suit my needs. I found that by reducing the amount of vitality points everything had made the game more...
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    The Weapon Skill System, Updated, Clarified, and Improved.

    Yeah, if it is on your class list you are proficent, Martial Weapon Proficency Feat is used as you say, although I have house ruled it to you may choose to be proficent in another weapon group. Although it is simpler you can easily add to it by splitting groups further, say making additional...
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    The Weapon Skill System, Updated, Clarified, and Improved.

    My formatting is terrible. I'll try and explain the table. Any help on correcting my formatting is welcome. You either are proficent or not in a weapon group. For whatever reason I put Class and Non Class where it should have been proficent. If you have a Fast BAB and your class is proficient...
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    The Weapon Skill System, Updated, Clarified, and Improved.

    My own approach You're approach seems to add in a lot of complication, although I have only given a quick glance overview. I have approached the a weapon skill system in an easier way. I split weapon groups into groups, Melee, Hurled, Bows, Unarmed and Exotic. Characters then got 6 points at...
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    Players Wanted Hawkes Bay NZ

    Hello All, I am after some new players to join my gaming group which is starting to to shrink due to real life for some players. I try to run a regular game each week and we mostly play Fantasy games. I have been gaming for over 10 years and have DM/GM/annoyed and killed players :-) for most...