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  1. bording

    D&D 5E What benefit to Delayed Blast Fireball?

    I think the part that makes it worth a 7th level spell slot is what happens to the base damage if you keep concentrating on it. The way I read that paragraph, the spell increases in damage by 1d6 for each round you maintain concentration, so if you concentrate for the full minute, you're looking...
  2. bording

    D&D 5E Clay Golem HP Drain

    The article originally had a link to a pdf with the stat block, but it seems to have been edited at some point and the link is gone now. However, if you go here: and click on the Golem excerpt, you'll be able to download it. *edit* Or...
  3. bording

    D&D 5E Ratslayers: 1st level encounter XP

    The Encounter Difficulty chart is a per character value. Four 1st level characters makes 200 XP for a medium difficulty encounter.
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    D&D 5E I have something... THE TARRASQUE!

    Looking at the modifiers on the saves it is proficient with, I think it's safe to say that the proficiency bonus continues to scale beyond 20. Looks like it's rocking a +9 proficiency bonus!
  5. bording

    D&D 5E Surf's D&D 5e Monster Analysis

    In your post at, you mentioned that you were expecting a damage increase at 16 and not 17. Why were you expecting it at 16? Looking at page 10 of the basic rules, the increases you found at 5, 11, and 17 correspond directly to the 4 tiers of play they describe, at the beginning level...
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    D&D 5E Templates in 5E?

    The playtest bestiary files just presented those creatures as a monster statblock, same as the rest of the monsters. The werewolf statblock mentions that someone bitten can be cursed with lycanthropy, and the vampire statblock mentions that the vampire's bite turns slain characters into...
  7. bording

    D&D 5E Human racial bonus in 5E

    I just took a look at all of the versions of the Character Creation pdf over the course of the playtest. The standard array started out as: 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8 and when the optional point buy sidebar showed up, you were given 27 points to spend. However, in the two most recent versions...
  8. bording

    D&D 5E You know what? I'm frustrated at how long 5e is gonna take.

    Wizards announced 4th edition at Gencon 2007 (August), and it was released June 2008. So, not quite a year, but pretty close.
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    Looking for a great sci-fi RPG

    Another option I didn't see mentioned yet would be the newly released Thousand Suns by James Maliszewski of Grognardia. Thousand Suns: Rulebook - Grognardia Games | I picked it up when it came out a few weeks back, and I've slowly been reading through it. So far it seems like...
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    D&D 5E What's the next setting? (Did I miss something?)

    Actually, the "new" campaign setting book for next year is the Neverwinter Campaign Guide. They are going back to the Realms. I guess they really wanted a tie-in to the newly announced Neverwinter computer game.
  11. bording

    Codex of Betrayal: Alloces

    I'm really liking this article. The mad scientist creating new horrible forms of life is such a great idea for a devil! Combine this with the article on Friday with all of his horrible creations, and you get a great amount of stuff to play with. One more thing I'd like to mention, though it's...
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    I have Demon Queen's Enclave (P2) and Manual of the Planes

    I'd really like to see the details of the Create Teleportation Circle ritual.
  13. bording

    Where's the WotC site article about 4e dying rules in 3.5?

    Design & Development: Death and Dying There you go. It's an old Design & Development article.
  14. bording

    Treasure of Talon Pass - A Review w/ SPOILERS

    So its from Against the Giants then? Does it look just like that, or is it an alternate paint? You said it was blue, so I'm guessing it's an alt. What does the tile look like? Sigh, I really wish the nearest store wasn't 50+ miles away...
  15. bording

    Just posting to make you all jealous, I HAVE THEM

    Check for it under the Abomination heading please!
  16. bording

    tracking conditions - your approach?

    I'm currently planning on using some small colored rubber bands, a different color for each condition I want to track, and then hanging them on the minis. The rubber bands you can get for holding ponytails seem to be about the right size.
  17. bording

    D&D 4E Is Retraining Powers Part of Core 4e?

    Yes, retraining mechanics have been mentioned multiple times, including in the tiers article. It talks about replacing lower level powers with higher level ones, and in the feats section it mentioned "retrained feats."
  18. bording

    D&D 4E What was Paizo thinking? 3.75 the 4E clone?

    I don't believe anyone has had to pay yet. They didn't have to pay until after they signed the NDA and had a chance to look at the GSL. Once they see the terms, then they can decide to pay.
  19. bording

    Paragon Path names revealed by Jonathan Tweet!

    Actually it looks like the info from Races & Classes is no longer correct. Michele Carter posted here a while back saying:
  20. bording

    Paragon Path names revealed by Jonathan Tweet!

    Jonathan Tweet posted on his Gleemax blog yesterday with a list of PCs in his new 4e campaign. It looks like he updated it today to include the paragon paths that were chose by the 11th level PCs...