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    Vorpal Games presents RED AEGIS

    After talking to you at Gen Con, I am extremely excited about Red Aegis.
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    Kickstarter [KICKSTARTER] Tales From the Floating Vagabond (Take 2)

    Not sure what the appeal of this game would be. It could be the greatest game ever, but I have no idea why it would be.
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    The parody song is epic. Well done.
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    Wizards of the Coast Announces D&D Forgotten Realms Character Creation Contest‏

    I recommend that you not participate in this contest. It is obviously a big risk :uhoh:. If anyone is paranoid, I suggest that they read the fine print of any contest like this. Wizards of the Coast is not doing anything abnormal or unreasonable.
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    D&D 5E What happens if 5E fails to unite the base?

    Why worry about it? It's not something we can easily control on any measurable level. Play and let play.
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    WotC Reaches out to the Mainstream Audience: Article Roundup

    Any information is good information. Thank you for sharing.
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    Wizards copyright release of un-used creatures

    This seems really ridiculous and that you are only trying to flame and cause dissension? They own those creatures. Why not create your own?
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    Coming Soon!

    Interesting notion this made me think of--I could provide some detailed show notes. It might help. In the end, it sounds like Morrus will be supporting the different mediums, so users will have access to consuming how they wish.
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    Coming Soon!

    You should do an episode on miniatures.
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    Bet you wish your workplace looked like WotC?

    Does it seem like a stiff corporate office or were the people generally loose and having fun?
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    Bet you wish your workplace looked like WotC?

    Cool pics. Thank you for sharing. It must have been a very fun trip!
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    In my wishlist: Minions

    I like minions as well. I hope to see them stick around and that they get some advanced rules/coverage.