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    Here's What's In That $500 Beadle & Grimm Platinum Edition of Waterdeep: Dragon Heist

    I thought, I read that it will have limited edition figures? Maybe they ran afoul of GF9 licensing agreement?
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    Add A Colossal $250 Sailing Ship To Your D&D Minis Collection!

    The ship is cool, but how many times will you use it, in a game? That's one third of a Prusa 3d printer, and then you can print your own, or how many miniatures, that will get used much more?
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    GenCon and "the Attack"?

    I think it's kinda of funny, that Gencon is banning or suspending people from asking about this event, intimating that something outside of convention is not relevant to anyone safety. That could backfire on them, better to document what is happening with facts, badge numbers, photos and copies...
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    When the Fans Take Over

    I really think your are, over analyzing for the sake of both sensationalism and capitalism, you know the scumbags that take you money and leave, Ken something. It's a great idea, that is being done by someone with the experience to pull it off, and anything else can be answered by just watching...
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    Rolemaster is a great system. If you have a group that thinks the DM should do it all, it can be a lot for the DM to do and the combat system can be slow. With a good group, that’s into the game more than talking about the weather and goofing around, combat can be relatively fast with a...
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    Dungeon tiles. yay or nay?

    I think, I will stick with my Old school Chessex mats, until I can get an under the table projection unit, think BSG. I would rather trake the time and draw it out, and give the players a little break, then subject them to the same map over and over again just becasue it costs effective. But, a...
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    New Forgotten Realms designed by FR haters?

    When I first read the title of this post, some time ago, I thought you where some hater and full of it. Then I just read the Forgotten Realms 4th rewrite book or a least, I got a long look at my local store. Christ, what the heck did they do, merge two realms of reality, kill off or replace an...
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    Putting a positive spin on the PDF debacle

    Positive spin, well I’ll buy the Guild Adventurer 1 to 3 for ROLEMASTER...ha ha... And on a simpler note, maybe my Forgotten Realms, Code of the Harper is worth $100.00 that was the prePDF eBay price. LOL...
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    Why DON'T you pirate?

    First off, beside the moral and ethical issues, if anyone goes to the trouble of producing something that is worth your effort to pirate, they deserve to be compensated for their work, if only to encourage them to produce more. Secondly, considering the cost of quality printing, good paper...
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    WotC puts a stop to online sales of PDFs

    I think that‘s a pretty accurate statement. For the most part, it’s the corporate blame game, there have been some very bad choices made, as you illustrated and even the WOTC creative fiascos, like the exodus of thier really good creative minds, and the remake of Forgotten Realms setting, all...
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    Best map maker?

    There is no one best program, there is a thread at the Cartographer’s Guild that discusses just that. Also there is no short cuts, every program has a learning curve, and so be forewarned unless you want to invest time and lean it, best stick to paper and pen, or buy your maps, and demos are...
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    How to prevent time wasting in a session?

    Sounds like grade school, I know, but assign seats by quickness, separate the time wasters, and use the old Grenade under the table say it, it happens no matter what.
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    Looking for 3.5 rules add on, for hit locations and critical damage

    Is there an optional rules set for 3.5 that creates a combat system that uses hit locations and critical hit locations. I’m looking for something similar to WFRPG which is fairly simple as compared to Rolemaster which can be a little unwieldy.
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    Some old world Italy maps I discovered online!

    I remember watching a History channel show about some if the Italian City states and I remember one city, touted it many towers. In fact, most of the nobles entered into a building war to see who could go higher. Of course today there are only a few left, most fell down over the years....opps...
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    Players running more than one PC

    I have to say it depends on the campaign, DM, group and just how good your player is at role playing. I have ran two characters, but really one of them was just quite casually, it was really just a mechanism for the DM to add input into the campaign, and it worked well, because he was a lower...
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    BattleStar Galactica #20:Daybreak (2) Season 4--2009/Finale

    The entire agrarian, walk away from technology was a big reach. Most of the people really where not doing what needed to be done to survive, I know it a TV show with limited in budget, but how many knew anything about farming... Medicine, I mean Hotdog’s kid is as good as dead, yea just a few...
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    Magic Industrial Revolution (Need Suggestions)

    For the most part all this could be done with the standard rules set. In fact the, the Healing priest,of a major city would most likely would take charge of such monsters to keep the population healthy. You then start to talk about de facto Germ Theory. What about deforestation, after all...
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    City Design - best supplements? rpg cities? advice?

    oops, can't belive that I missed that link, and I will check out Urbis.
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    Magic Industrial Revolution (Need Suggestions)

    Found this surfing around, it might be of some help, check it out. Dave Arneson's Blackmoor Clock & Steam
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    Magic Industrial Revolution (Need Suggestions)

    I’m not sure about what you want. Once you add magic and healing to the classic medieval setting you really blow all historical models to heck. You might want to read: Medieval Technology and Social Change, by Lynn White Jr. Cathedral, Forge and Waterwheel, by Frances and Joseph Gies...