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  1. Gahnomen

    Amnesia-style game?

    I've been thinking of running a game where the players basically just make the physical parts of their PCs, not allowing them to flesh out any background at all. Personalities would be determined by each player of course. Each PC will wake up in a rather comfortable bed, in a sparsely...
  2. Gahnomen

    Where To Start? Plotting the Plot.

    My usual way of going about plot has been to throw situations at the players and just seeing how they deal with it. In earlier games this tended to be things like "An army of orcs is amassing", and letting the players scramble to find a solution to the problem. More recently in Eberron it's...
  3. Gahnomen

    Napftor's Holiday PDF Giveaway!! [Paging Vanye and Lalato-check first post!]

    How exciting! :p Substandard Magic Items 92 Treasure Chests 292 Behind the Spells: Magic Missile 492 BtS: Fireball 592 BtS: Mirror Image 692 BtS: Dancing Lights 892
  4. Gahnomen

    Optional rules, toolkits, and other rule goodness

    I've been thinking about a system for a couple of days now, just letting the ideas churn around in my head.. I'll call it Gestalting for the time being (based off of the Gestalt characters from Unearthed Arcana). The idea sprung out after I became sufficiently annoyed by the following scenario...
  5. Gahnomen

    What weapons, classes, races...

    The game I'm running looks like this: Human Shifter 5/Master of Many Forms 7 - Natural weapons and a scimitar Dwarf Knight 14 - Dwarven War axe +5 Flaming, Dwarven War axe +2 Holy Elf Hunter 6/Thief of Knowledge 7 - Longsword +3 Keen, Longbow +4 Shocking Human Draconist 13 - Damage spells, pet...
  6. Gahnomen

    Gay PCs or NPCs

    I was a fellow player in a game where this "interesting" character turned up. He was a gay dwarf, and his name was Necrotic. That really should set the tone right there, I don't think I've seen or even heard of a worse name than that :D Beyond that, the dwarf was extremely ugly (4 or 5 CHA I...
  7. Gahnomen

    DMs: How Much of Your Prep Work Never Gets Used??

    Of the directly adventure-related prepwork I do, I use almost all of it.. maybe there's 1-3% of it that doesn't get used.
  8. Gahnomen

    Review Project take two

    Thanks for clearing it up :)
  9. Gahnomen

    Review Project take two

    I'd like to try my hand at a review, I don't have any earlier work to point back at though. It seemed to me from Crothian's post that you were supposed to have a couple of reviews done already before participating in this project, or was I reading it wrong?
  10. Gahnomen

    An Evil Campaign

    It really depends on the circumstances, but the evil characters needs a little cunning now and again. If they go for the all out evil lunatic type, they probably won't survive very long ;)
  11. Gahnomen

    How many gamehours between levelling up

    My current players are levelling up roughly once every 15 or so hours (they tend to get 1.5 levels per two sessions, each session ranging from 10-12 hours). They are 11-12th level now though, they got one level per sessions levels 1-3, and the pace has very slowly been decreasing since then. In...
  12. Gahnomen

    How long have you been a DM?

    I voted 3-5 years and was surprised to see that I'm overwhelmingly outnumbered by the veterans. Not that I'm complaining though, more experience means (in general) that helpful advice can be offered. Which is exactly why I'm here :D I do consider myself a good DM, but I have gone into detail...
  13. Gahnomen

    Are you a good Dungeon Master?

    On the other hand, this thread is giving me second thoughts.. Maybe I do suck after all :p
  14. Gahnomen

    Are you a good Dungeon Master?

    I think I'm a good DM, though relatively new in the game (only five years experience or so, nothing compared to a lot of folks here). My players all say that they enjoy the game, and I'm almost never the one to initiate play, so they seem eager to play. I know the rules well and have a good...
  15. Gahnomen

    Campaigns in a nutshell. Adventures in a sentence.

    Waterworld: A lightly toned (comedy)campaign world 90% covered with water, filled with pirates and the antipiracy militant sailors; "The Guard". Only one true nation ruled by a military commander, lots of independent tiny islands who are so spread out that they can not efficiently be governed...
  16. Gahnomen

    Low-Magic Campaign Experiment

    Having the Improved Bardic Music feat stack sounds like it could get pretty abusive pretty quickly.. Maybe put an upper limit on how many times it can be taken, like 3 or so?
  17. Gahnomen

    A class using inverted stats!

    Well it would be easy enough to disallow dumpstatting, and I plan to introduce this class with the following rule about the Wisdom score: If you're allocating an actual Wisdom score of 12 to a Dementist, the Dementist would take that as an 8. A 16 would be a 4, etc. So you have to "spend" the...
  18. Gahnomen

    A class using inverted stats!

    The Dementist doesn't need a lower score than 4 to be able to cast all his spells, since he runs spell progression as a bard (only 6th level spells). I've given a bit of thought to what you're saying though, and I figure I'll give him a passive special ability at around level 9-10'ish that would...
  19. Gahnomen

    A class using inverted stats!

    Progressive immunities sounds like a good idea.. It makes the class even freakier as he's going to be really bad at some things like skills and saves. Also it works that the more the class is progressed, the mind of the Dementist grows so warped that normal mind affecting magic simply won't work...
  20. Gahnomen

    A class using inverted stats!

    I've been toying with this idea for a while, a class that gains something from having a really low ability score. This is what I've come up with so far. Dementist: The Dementist is a person gradually losing touch with reality and getting deeper and deeper caught up in his own Nightmares. The...