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  1. Charlaquin

    What proportion of the population are adventurers?

    It depends on how you define “adventurer.” If an adventurer is just someone who goes on adventures, fairly common. If an adventurer is someone who makes their living primarily by adventuring, quite rare. If adventurer is a meta-game concept to describe characters who have, and advance in, class...
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    5E D&D 5.5e; Your wish for 5.5e update.

    Depends on the topic. When the thread is a simple question someone asked years ago (e.g. “how does spell X interact with feature Y?”, resurrecting the thread to answer it is silly. When it’s an open discussion topic (e.g. “what do you want out of the next edition?”) then it makes more sense to...
  3. Charlaquin

    Game Rules and the World

    Both, as needed.
  4. Charlaquin

    Beasts of the Earth

    A CR 1/4 or lower beast. To quote the Unearthed Arcana article it’s from: “When a primal beast is met apart from a Beast Master, the creature takes the form a regular beast of challenge rating 1/4 or lower, as determined by the DM. The player decides. To quote the UA: “When choosing such a...
  5. Charlaquin

    Beasts of the Earth

    The beast of the land’s statblock is what it is, you can describe it any way you want. Thats the assumption the feature is balanced around. So, if your player’s beast is an armored ape that’s fine, but it’s just cosmetic. Functionally, its stats are still the same as any other beast of the land...
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    5E Making 1-minute features or spells "encounter"-length instead.

    I do exactly this. It causes 0 problems.
  7. Charlaquin

    I need a D&D counseling session! Help! (Re: Update ("Argument-Stopping Protocols" -- please advise!))

    That sounds like a responsible decision, @Dungeonosophy
  8. Charlaquin

    Presentation vs design... vs philosophy

    I have some liking for both.
  9. Charlaquin

    I need a D&D counseling session! Help! (Re: Update ("Argument-Stopping Protocols" -- please advise!))

    I’m sorry you’ve had so much trouble gaming with this friend of yours. Unfortunately, it sounds like the two of you really shouldn’t game together. Your preferences clash far too much, it’s only going to be a miserable experience for both of you. You need to tell your friend, in no uncertain...
  10. Charlaquin

    5E "Labels" and D&D Gaming

    It... It literally says it was based on internal analysis...
  11. Charlaquin

    I need a D&D counseling session! Help! (Re: Update ("Argument-Stopping Protocols" -- please advise!))

    Frankly, if all this trouble is focused around one player, I think a far better solution than creating this in-depth document of rules for everyone at your table to read and sign, would be to tell the problem player they’re no longer welcome to play in that game. I understand he’s your friend -...
  12. Charlaquin

    I need a D&D counseling session! Help! (Re: Update ("Argument-Stopping Protocols" -- please advise!))

    Wow, this is quite a document, and it’s clear there must have been a great deal of friction at your table! I am sorry if the experience has caused you distress. If it’s alright with you, I would like to provide some feedback on these table rules. Though, I get the impression that you are...
  13. Charlaquin

    Spells & Magic Tattoos: New Unearthed Arcana

    I very much doubt they will do either. They’re just entirely new spells, that will exist alongside the ones we already have. I’m sure some DMs will ban the original summon spells and say to take these instead, but WotC sure isn’t going to modify or replace the originals.
  14. Charlaquin

    Presentation vs design... vs philosophy

    And here we see a concrete example of why the over 35 demographic was not considered part of the market in 1999.
  15. Charlaquin

    Haversack is rare?

    That’s what I’d do. Really, the reason haversack is rare and bag is uncommon is just tradition. Those are the rarities they’ve been at in past editions, and in those past editions the item you want being on top has had a bigger impact. 5e’s more streamlined action economy eliminated the reason...
  16. Charlaquin

    5E "Labels" and D&D Gaming

    Thanks, @Lanefan and @the Jester for your insights and experiences! Lots to consider.
  17. Charlaquin

    5E "Labels" and D&D Gaming

    Now, this concept is very interesting to me. In a vague, hypothetical sense this sounds cool, but I can’t picture how this would actually look at the table. Would you be willing to elaborate on this, particularly in terms of specific examples in actual play? What action steps should a DM who...
  18. Charlaquin

    5E "Labels" and D&D Gaming

    Again, that’s fine if that’s the way you want to play. Not everybody wants to play that way, and not everybody who does want to play that way is able to do so. Presumably the former. For sure! Who says they shouldn’t? If I tell my players we’re gonna do a Ravenloft game, they’re going to have...
  19. Charlaquin

    PHB p73 runic tapestry illustration: meaningless, wasted opportunity

    It’s certainly a wasted opportunity. Not a big one, but yeah.