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  1. JamesDJarvis

    Ryan Dancey speaks - the Most Successful Year for Fantasy RPGaming ever. However...

    $480,000,000 in one year is huge but i find it baffling to say that the entire rpg industry has made only 1/5 of this in 30 years. If the there has been an average of 1.5 million rpg fans over the past 30 years and they have all spent $11.00 a year then the real rpg market has made more then...
  2. JamesDJarvis

    Big Dungeons - An unrequited love?

    I like big dungeons. They aren't even vaguley difficult to justify and it is silly when folks mention they are but then play in campaign settings with dozens of underground dwelling races. The dungeons are where the goblins, orcs, drow, dwarves, derro, druegar ,and so on, dwell or dwelled...
  3. JamesDJarvis

    Energy Weapons VS Ballistic Weapons

    "Lasers are loud" might not have covered it enough: Some lasers designed for a combat role are themsleves surprisingly loud. They do make a cracking noise much like a lightning bolt as it super-heats the moisture in the air it travels through. Some of the engineers I know have reported a...
  4. JamesDJarvis

    Energy Weapons VS Ballistic Weapons

    interesting trivia- Lasers are loud.
  5. JamesDJarvis

    Energy Weapons VS Ballistic Weapons

    huh? That is amazingly good armor. That projectile is whipping out of its weapon with 16 BILLION times as much energy as a 44 cal bullet.
  6. JamesDJarvis

    Late, lamented (or unlamented) fast-food chains

    The chicken was better and so was the cornbread many a year ago back when it was still called "Boston Chicken". Never saw one in Boston proper in the good old days they all seemed to be out in the burbs. "Arthur Treachers" used to have a large shop in Sommerville Mass at the intersection of...
  7. JamesDJarvis

    The Golden Age of Gaming

    I'd say mid seventies to early/mid 80's. There were host of new games on the market, different games. There were wargames, roleplaying, miniatures games, micro-games, mini-games, new forms of strategy games, handheld electronic games, video games, computer games and a lot of them were...
  8. JamesDJarvis

    Anyone else miss monster books?

    the Monsternomicon is fanatstic and I would certainly buy more monster books if they were of that calibre and style. I'd buy the MM agains if id was dressed up like thmonsternomicon, I'd even buy an Ebberon book that was as good as the monsternomicon.
  9. JamesDJarvis

    Low fantasy D&d

    Thing is what do folks really mean when they say "low fantasy". Take Narnia, certainly a High Fantasy setting and magic plays a major part in the story and while there is a crossing betwen worlds,ressurection, a vast host of "fantastic" folks and a magical winter there is very little "flash...
  10. JamesDJarvis

    southern NH group seeking new players.

    NH group of players seeking new players. We play Tuesday or Wednesday nights. Southern NH, off 93 on Mass border. We've been playing on weeknight liek this for 9 or so years, some of us have been playing together for over 25 years. Average age is well into 30's but any adult, and adult with...
  11. JamesDJarvis

    Mice in the Walls - HELP!

    Don't feed your cat for two days. It'll eat a mouse after that.
  12. JamesDJarvis

    Monsters and Ecology

    Actually reptiles need to eat much less then a mammal of the same relative size. A reptile needs to eat about a 1/10 th of what a mammal does because reptiles are cold blooded ( the 1/10 is very loose and not exact). A mamal however is more capable of surviving missed chances despite the...
  13. JamesDJarvis

    Affect of a 3,000ft cliff on the landscape

    Except for flying creatures there'd be virtually no travel up or down the cliff of note so animal species would vary if they were topside or down low. Soem specied would be totally absent topside compared to down low. Even among flying creatues I can think of 5 general groupings off the top of...
  14. JamesDJarvis

    Abstract Wealth Systems - yes or no?

    the feasability and playability of a wealth system depends on what wealth actually means in a specific setting. If it is based on land owned and crops grown it is tricky to walk around with enough to buy a suit of armor. If the values of metals aren't set then 1,000 gp doesn't mean all that...
  15. JamesDJarvis

    The Problem With Spot and Listen

    Not that bad an idea really. But in real life it is real easy to hide form folks that don't know how to look. You can hide in a forest by standing next to a tree and not moving. You can hide at night by laying down and not moving. Of course folks might spend a few extra skill points to be...
  16. JamesDJarvis

    The Problem With Spot and Listen

    Uh what about "Marv" from Sin City, STR & CON probably 18 or 20 in D&D trems andgood DEX also but ugly as a mud post and not much else goign fo rhim in the perosaniltiy department. His looks certainly aren't tied to his physcial capacities. I can name tons of ficitional heroes and real life...
  17. JamesDJarvis

    Charles Ryan (and others) out at WotC?

    folks ranting about "quality" and publishers "that care" should chill. Prices you can pay a writer are related to how many copies of a work you are going to sell as a publsiher. Rpg products don't sell in very high volumes on the average. RPG authors get sci-fi magazine writers rates. 10...
  18. JamesDJarvis

    Any examples of "realistic" dungeons?

    do some reading (or at least web browisng) about "real world" dungeons. here are some miscelaneous links for you to get started with-
  19. JamesDJarvis

    Businesses saying keep the rowdy children at home.

    I've seen places with a "you are welcome to talk on your cell phone...outside" sign.
  20. JamesDJarvis

    Decline of RPG sales

    Well actually yes, the monopoly makers do in fact want you to buy a Monopoly game over and over again. That is one reason they package deluxe, anniversary, themed and travel editions of games to get people to buy the game again not just to find that part of the market that didn't want the...