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    D&D 5E Evil Campaign?

    Go to Drivethrurpg and look for Way of the Wicked. It was an evil PF adventure path. Its not a bad series, if you want to run in their Talingarde or move it over to your own world. Most of the monsters are easily converted over to 5E or already have statistics in the various books. There is a...
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    The Algernon Files

    What's the difference between the new deluxe files and the Kickstarter Volume 1 & 2?
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    D&D 5E [Forgotten Realms] Netheril, Nether Scrolls, & Karsus' Folly

    I remembered Karsus did not die. He was forever bound in a stone near the high forest where his city crashed. I like the vestige idea on this page though.
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    D&D 5E Frog God - Do they Actually Exist????

    Hotmail and a couple of other mail sites are blocking their responses from their automated systems. It was announced on the kickstarter. You have to file a support ticket. They manually changed my password and I had full access that morning.
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    Adventure mash-up challenge!

    N1 Under Illefarn and the encounter with Redeye the Lizardman Cleric, who was a 7th level cleric. He had awoken Sakatha the vampiric Lizard King in I2 Tomb of Lizard King and they were trying to unite all the lizard man tribes in the area against the humans. The party had just finished the...
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    TSR TSR Module WG5 "Mordenkainen's Fantastic Adventure"

    There was also the Greater Halls in Dungeon 139 And the Warlock's Walk that was published on the Pied Piper website and reprinted in issue #23 of the Oerth Journal which you can get from here.
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    Shadowrun Adventures and Campaigns

    You can already download the errata for the main core. The first mission for Season 5 has been released called Chasin the Wind There have been a couple of 5 compatible modules released Sprawl Wilds Firing Line and Splintered State. Sprawl Wilds and Firing Line are conversions of season...
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    IE9 & Front Page

    Firefox is normal. I logged into the Administrator account on the unit which is only used in emergencies, and went to the page in IE, same thing. I am wondering if this is MS adblock in action, so let me put you in trusted and disable it and then let me look at the page. I put you the site in...
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    IE9 & Front Page

    Sorry other statistics. This is on a Vista machine running IE9 fully patched.
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    IE9 & Front Page

    Right about Gencon videos, the front page has appeared messed up for me. I am not sure if it is a MS /browser problem but here is some snapshots on how the front page looks for me whether I am logged in or not. I have also tried it in Compatiblilty view, but these are without.
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    STAR WARS campaign - story ideas for a Padawan party

    I am not sure I would start with a master straight out, but maybe a knight that survived order 66. How about missions to old places of jedi history to find relics like holocrons and such to help teach the knight to become a master and the apprentices to become knights. Missions to Ossus, the...
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    Help identifying contents of the Ravenloft box set and House of Strahd

    Off of Memory from I6, the Sunsword was a +2, +3 vs undead with like an extra 10 damage to vampires. The Holy Symbol added a +2 or +3 to turn undead and I think it had a daylight spell when presented against vampires.
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    [Star Wars d20] Saga Edition: Between a Droid and a Vehicle and a Ship

    RobShanti posted this on Wizards a couple of years back but here is his take on the starfighter as a CL9 Wookieepedia says the Mark II Advanced Droid Starfighter, the successor of the Mark I, was also capable of walking, though it was much larger and clumsier than the Mark I. Once in space...
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    What is the right super heroes system for my campaign?

    The original V&V was randomly rolled for powers to be begin with, but quite a few ignored that like in the original MSH games. I have not seen the new V&V to answer for that version. From what I am reading, I like the new Marvel Heroic. I have not had the chance to play it yet though.
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    Ideas for Inmates in a Prison Setting

    I did something like this. My paladin/cleric character was convicted of murdering her mentor, but her god did not chastise her for it. The paladin mentor came back from a campaign against a BBEG and had changed into an blackguard. The mentor tried to convert the paladin over, but failed and...
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    Forgotten Realms Collector's Guide

    This is quite an impressive work. I was using the links to things I had never seen before and found one or two mislinks. Under Adventurer's Guild series The Fallen Archmage links back to the same page as the Dragon Oracle above it. Under Living City the Pyre Down below links to Stag Falls...