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    Making Religion Matter in Fantasy RPGs

    You have no reason to apologize. It seems that "in my experience" is becoming a similar phrase to "I'm not racist but...". It can be used to cover any number of unpleasant generalizations about other people with the incredibly weak justification that it's just "in my experience." Seriously...
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    D&D 1E Edition Experience: Did/Do you Play 1E AD&D? How Was/Is It?

    Good list, but I would replace #8 with Christopher Woods "Plethora of Paladins" - while not perfect by any means, they all have great flavor and were quite fun in play.
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    "Your Class is Not Your Character": Is this a real problem?

    Well, I'm not sure if I'm a Grognard or not - I've been playing D&D since LBB but I certainly won't pretend to speak for others. I do agree with your suggestion the we ("grognards", if I may) would say that the original game played such that you could define your character without specific...
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    D&D 5E Do you miss attribute minimums/maximums?

    Some old modules used roll-under ability scores as an alternative to saves in some instances. But it was sporadic rather than systematic, and not really used as "skill checks". Mostly I remember this from Judges Guild rather than TSR. Dungeoneer's Survival Guide was the first time this was used...
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    Name Some Swashbuckling RPG's That Are NOT 7th Sea

    Honor and Intrigue - an excellent adaptation of the Barbarians of Lemuria system to 17th Century swashbuckling!
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    No Prestige classes allowed

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    LOST Wednesday 11/16/05 {Spoilers for this ep and previous eps ONLY!}

    Possible reasons that the Others left the primary group alone (aside from the discovery & death of Ethan): - they're a larger group than the "tail section" survivors - they are armed (Locke's knives, 4 guns) - they have more "survivalist-types" (Locke & Kate's hunting & tracking, Sayid's...
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    d20 Super Heroes --- coming in July '06 from WOTC

    Wow, another fan! Despite it's flaws, DC Heroes (3rd edition) is by far my favorite supers game. I've yet to find another supers game that handles the genre so well (although M&M is a good game...).
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    Barsoom imitators

    Although I doubt any of his works are public domain, you should check out Lin Carter. He wrote some "Mars" books, but the ones closest in feel to Burrough's Barsoom would be his Green Start series --Under the Green Star, When the Green Star Calls, By the Light of the Green Star, As the Green...
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    Why does Grim Tales have the most customized CharGen?

    You might consider adapting something like the feat mastery trees in Iron Heroes to True20 -- that would keep alot of the "crunch" your players seem to want while taking advantage of a more flexible character creation system. <edit> - read the thread more carefully and saw that you don't like...
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    Iron Heroes...what's your opinion?

    I would definitely boost the saves -- all PC classes should follow the standard chart (p. 29). I'd use the same for feats and make hit point 1d4+2. I don't the magister's healing magics are that big a deal (it's much weaker than a clerics, for ex.), but if you're concerned just use the Transfer...
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    About the myth or fact (?) of needing magical items

    I agree that this was once the theory behind hit points, but the rules do not support this approach very well -- the rate of hit point recovery is far too slow, and there are too many attacks that bypass hit points (stat-draining touch attacks, etc.).
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    Is a coup de grace an evil act?

    Possibly, but at least I'm more interesting than a two-dimensional stereotype.
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    Iron Heroes meets Eberron

    Well, I'll go against the crowd and give you my vote of support. I think Iron Heroes would do great as long as you remove (or heavily restrict) all combat-oriented magic items, including bonuses to attack, damage, AC, and saves. I would also limit items that grant personal abilities, such as...
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    Is a coup de grace an evil act?

    Actually, following Lamoni's suggestion sounds alot more like playing a "real character" to me ...
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    Is a coup de grace an evil act?

    I hate to be obvious, but illegal and evil are hardly equivalent. Otherwise, every minor traffic violation would quality as "evil."
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    D&D - Iron Heroes...between the poles

    Iron Heroes was never advertised as "lower-power" -- in fact, the premise for the game is that characters are equivalent to their D&D counterparts. So for those of you seeking a "lower-power" AND "lower-magic" game, might I suggest checking out True20 from Green Ronin. It lends itself to both...
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    D&D 3E/3.5 3.5 Druids - what to do about them?

    I find this fascinating. While I agree that the Druid is potent in 3.5, it's been my experience that this just finally makes him almost as good as the Cleric....
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    Silly Wizard, Polymorph is for Metagamers

    This is old now -- I used it in my 3.0 game a couple years ago and made some modifications after posting this -- but you may find it useful:
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    What did you like better: Batman or SW Ep3?

    Funny... That's exactly my feelings on RotS! I will say that it was better than Episodes I & II, but I suppose that's damning with faint praise...