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    Consequence and Reward in RPGs

    This post doesn't make sense to me. First of all, party games games only "reward" people for showing up in the sense that participants have fun regardless of whether they win or lose, whether they master the games' rules or just enjoy interacting with friends. Secondly, there is a difference...
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    D&D 4E No evil gods in 4e?

    EVIL "Lawful Evil" is also flawed. People keep mentioned the Big Bad Evil Tyrant as the epitome of lawful evil. Two problems: 1) did the tyrant really become a tyrant without ever breaking the law? and 2) what about all the subordinate non-tyrants- why is there no definition of "lawful evil"...
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    D&D 4E No evil gods in 4e?

    GOOD This isn't meant to pick on theeo123; what I quote above seems to parallel what a lot of folks are saying, but he says it pretty succinctly. The "neutral" as not caring about whether to be lawful or chaotic is chaotic. They have no intention of following the law; if their actions happen...
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    Minions are alien visitors from another kind of game

    In all likelihood, the first time PCs encounter that monster, it was not a minion. The PCs probably will not face the minion-version until they advance high enough that one-hit-kills seem reasonable. Even if the PCs do meet minion-versions of that monster early on, the PCs will probably never...
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    Minions are alien visitors from another kind of game

    I do not think this is true. The only person tracking NPC hit points is the DM. When the PC calls out the damage on a miss, the DM says "OK", goes to do the HP subtraction, realizes the NPC is a minion, and moves on. This rule would only involve more work if the PCs were tracking the damage...
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    Answers on the GSL!

    I also wish that the GSL was as open as the OGL. However, I do not think my belief in openness, or anyone else's belief, justifies any one of us imposing that belief on others. We definitely should not force our beliefs on openness on a license-holder granting others access to their property...
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    D&D 4E Dark Sun Conversion to 4E

    How about giving wizards the option of learning the following power: PRESERVER SPELLCASTING At Will - Arcane Minor - Utility, Personal Effect: If you use this power in the same round as an arcane spell, no vegetation is turned to ash during your casting. This power would give wizards an option...
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    D&D 4E 4e Healing - Is This Right?

    Healing Surges are a new resource in 4e and they seem to be just as important as Hit Points. After all, natural and magical healing seems to key off of them and certain negative-energy-style attacks seem to drain healing surges. If you factor the slow drain of Healing Surges into the analysis...
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    d20 Modern: What Would you change part II

    I am currently running a bastardization of Blood & Relics and Project Javelin, as well as a superheroes vs. terrorism and pirates-in-space games. Just as soon as I can house rule a few things, I will be converting all three of my tables over.
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    They Changed FIREBALL?

    On the 33,000 cubic foot issue: if you assume that Fireball explodes in a sphere rather than as a series of cubes and do the math, you would discover that the 33,000 cubic foot area from 1e is about 20 feet in radius, the same radius from later editions.