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    What's the best that Monte Cook and Mearls have done so far?

    ok, guys I'll just move on and go and hang with Money Cookie for awhile. It's apparent my style just doesn't mesh with you dear sensitive folk. See you at GenCon or something. foolish_mortals
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    What's the best that Monte Cook and Mearls have done so far?

    who gives a poop? This place is either fun or blandville. I'm sure Mervel and Money Cookie are having a good toot over their names. foolish_mortals
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    What's the best that Monte Cook and Mearls have done so far?

    ok, I'll go cry in my room about this. Anyway, do you think Money Cookie and Mervel do good work? foolish_mortals
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    What's the best that Monte Cook and Mearls have done so far?

    no, their called Money Cookie and Mervel. There's nothing insulting about this at all. There just fun names I like to use. This isn't school were we have to call people Mr. Cookie or Mr. Mervel. Their part of the gang and should be treated informally. foolish_mortals
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    What's the best that Monte Cook and Mearls have done so far?

    hi flumphs, I'm trying to take a gander of what Money Cookie and Mervel have done over the years and pick out the best that they've done so far. I don't have anything for Mervel at the top of my head. But Money Cookie I can say did the first Book of Vile Darkness that I always liked to take a...
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    Weird weapons that should make a comeback

    flumphs, swords that look like candy canes, maces that seem like mazes... weapons that make us wonder what the hell they are. There out there, locked in dnd storage waiting to make us scratch our heads again. tentacle roll please... my choice of weirdo weapon is the Drow Tentacle Rod...
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    Was Thac0 really that bad?

    that's not too bad. And you only had a 20 number range to deal with, which was nice. foolish_mortals
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    Was Thac0 really that bad?

    that's not hard to do. 1 - -9 = 10 foolish_mortals
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    Was Thac0 really that bad?

    did I remember it right? :D foolish_mortals
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    Was Thac0 really that bad?

    flumphs, Thac0, the number you need to hit AC 0. Your opponent has an AC from 10 to -10. Subtract or add that AC to yer Thac0. Roll a dice and get that number or over and you win. That's not that evil is it? Why do people hate it so? I hope I remembered it right. foolish_mortals
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    D&D 5E Companies you hope will be able to make 5e content

    flumphs, we all know that other game companies can do darn tootin good work. Damn good work. Some of you have some favorites out there, i just know it in my bones. I still come across stuff that I want to buy from the 3.x era. Say like that King Arthure supplement I haven't picked up yet...
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    D&D 5E Hope for an open GSL?

    WOTC and the Mervel-Money Cookie team has to have an open license. They need other companies to help make dnd come alive again. When we get the smaller more creative companies making content for the game is when people will really start to get something out of their core investment. The best...
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    D&D 5E [5EGL] Open Licensed Settings: Dragonstar, Ptolus, Scarred Lands, etc?

    I don't know how much control Mervel and Money Cookie have over this issue. If they don't control it they should say that decision is made elsewhere. I'd think Money Cookie would want there to be a very liberal license with the game so he could quit(or get the dreaded Christmas gift) after a...
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    Best of the humourous art over the years

    I can't remember any funny stuff in 2nd. None of the 3rd stuff ever had any laughs in it. 1rst had good stuff in alot of their products. Maybe not DD1 but in the 1rst 3 at least. foolish_mortals
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    Should point buy be discouraged?

    maybe in 5th they shouldn't have any instructions on how to generate your ability scores and just leave it up to the game. Maybe at most leave some simple examples people have used over the years. foolish_mortals
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    Best of the humourous art over the years

    heh, I swear I remember that one. Which book was that in? foolish_mortals
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    Best of the humourous art over the years

    hi flumphs, What's your favorite picture of fun dnd art you've seen over the years? I was looking at MM1 and I think I found the one I like the best: a Toad with a half swallowed character sticking out of his mouth. That was great! what's your snicker picture? foolish_mortals
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    Has this forum given you the urge to play previous editions?

    I almost ordered some 2nd edition books, since their still cool as heck. I've looked at my 1rst for years for interesting trivia. foolish_mortals
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    It won't mean anything without home playtesting

    there's only one play test that matters, 5th edition players against the G123 module. Nothing else will do. foolish_mortals
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    Mearls on The Core Game

    Enworld requires its posters to be civil to each other, to avoid personal attacks and name calling. That also applies when referencing the designers of the game. Feel free to disagree and argue with them, but do not insult them. --Stalker0