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  1. Malcor Sylverwood

    The fate of the Advanced Player's Guide

    I don't as a habit pick up third party stuff (or post for that matter), but I think I'll preorder this as soon as its available...
  2. Malcor Sylverwood

    The Wheel of time has ended...

    Rest in peace, sir...
  3. Malcor Sylverwood

    "Siloing" Class Abilities

    Is that implying that you can prepare utility spells and then convert them into perhaps a variety of basic attack magics?
  4. Malcor Sylverwood

    D&D has "jumped the shark"

    Bah...silly thumbnails...
  5. everyone.gif


  6. Malcor Sylverwood

    D&D Brand Manager of Fluff

    That's a really good one. I also agree with everyone saying Aurora's Whole Realm's Catalogue...
  7. Malcor Sylverwood

    What does the fighter need...

    Here's what I'm thinking, in a campaign where characters get feats every other level, fighters need a bit of a boost. So, I've stolen a few ideas from this thread and the other thread, and sketched the following out. I apologize in advance for mistakes, typos, or confusing language--its just a...
  8. Malcor Sylverwood

    Do you modify classes?

    Some great ideas here, a few I'm intending to steal. Esp love the ranger swapping spellcasting for full animal companion... Thanks!
  9. Malcor Sylverwood

    Non-Core Class Survivor: Round 10 - The Top Ten (predict the final 3)

    Anti-psionics need to unite...we can't be splitting the vote. Next round, pick one (Psion) and vote! ~flees~
  10. Malcor Sylverwood

    Character Generator

    Well, PCGen will have the 3.5 SRD material for free, so there is that option too.
  11. Malcor Sylverwood

    Planetouched life spans?

    I have a player who wants to play an aasimar and he asked about the life span and age ranges. I had to tell him I don't have any idea...any help? Thanks.
  12. Malcor Sylverwood

    E-Tools Preview

    FYI, the fey'ri and spur lord are included in PCGen.
  13. Malcor Sylverwood

    What are You Looking Forward To?

    Forgotten Realms: The Silver Marches Epic Level Handbook
  14. Malcor Sylverwood

    Enterprise: weekly discussion [prob spoilers too]

    ~desperately pushes the the mute button~ ARGH!!! :D
  15. Malcor Sylverwood

    Enterprise: weekly discussion [prob spoilers too]

    ~is in agreement with Don~ ~shrugs~ I've yet to be terribly impressed by Enterprise. So far about the best thing I can say for it is that I'm still watching and trying to like it. Followed by 'It doesn't suck as much as I feared it would (like Voyager sucked)'. Edited to say: Whatever you...
  16. Malcor Sylverwood

    bite/claw/claw/wing/wing/tail in 6 seconds??

    And how could it fly, the physics don't allow... And how could it breathe fire, what sense does that make? Etc. :rolleyes: ;) :D
  17. Malcor Sylverwood

    bite/claw/claw/wing/wing/tail in 6 seconds??

    I thought there was NO facing in the core rules...?
  18. Malcor Sylverwood

    Things you did NOT like about Fellowship of the Ring.

    So, free speech covers criticism--but not the criticism of a criticism? Hmm...I'll have to keep that in mind. ;)
  19. Malcor Sylverwood

    Things you DID like about the Fellowship of the Ring.

    ~doesn't know where to begin~ Ummm...the characters, the setting, the story, the special effects, the makeup, the costumes, etc, etc, etc... ~isn't very helpful~