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    D&D 5E Adjusting difficulty of Dragon of Icespire Peak based on number of PCs

    Thanks! I'll give him those examples so he knows what to look for.
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    D&D 5E Adjusting difficulty of Dragon of Icespire Peak based on number of PCs

    My 13 year old son has taken a liking to the idea of being a DM. He wanted to fully run Icespire Peak by himself for me as a solo PC with a sidekick that he controls, so we started late last week and have run a couple of the quests. We ran 2 of the starter quests so far, and these quests would...
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    Session 0: Everyone must memorize the list of badwrongfun
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    D&D 5E Terrible Titles for a Xanathar Follow-up

    Xanathar Schmanathar.
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    D&D General I'm reading the Forgotten Realms Novels- #200 Ascendancy of the Last by Lisa Smedman (Lady Penitent 3)

    This is actually the only one I've read, and I found it to be a little too drawn out for my tastes. It was a decent story, but it felt like a generic fantasy novel to me rather than a D&D book. And to be fair, while I love D&D the game and play it far more, when it comes to lore, I'm the...
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    D&D General Help with "Combination Trash" names

    Papa John Morrell Taco Lobster Abercrombie Lucasfilm Milton Hasbro
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    D&D 5E Playing D&D with my 6 year old

    My kids stared playing around that age, and it was pretty easy to wing it with them by starting with the overarching ideas. I think what you have is plenty to get started.
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    OD&D First Character Death

    I don't remember my first character death (would have been sometime in the 80s), but I do have a most memorable character death (which I've shared here before). A couple of years ago, I was teaching my now 13 year old son some basics of DMing, and he was running Death House for me as a solo...
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    D&D 5E Death Saves gem stone dice

    I"m not seeing the skull in the skull logo. Edit: Looked at some shirts on the site, and the skull logo looks good on the shirts, but the negative/reverse color version on the dice is still hard to make out.
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    D&D General How Was Your Last Session?

    For D&D, our last session was probably over a month ago (we have a mix of adults and teens, and with them starting school, we're on a short break). I'm running Reclaiming Blingdenstone. They had already accomplished 3 of the 6 tasks before that session, and this session was mostly role playing...
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    D&D General How Long Does It Take to get Sick of an Edition?

    I don't think I've ever gotten tired of an edition. While I pretty much only play 5E right now, I still like BECMI and 2E (the other editions I've played since the 80s/90s) as much as I ever did.
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    D&D 5E Player's Attention

    Keep everyone involved. If a player is taking too long on something outside of combat, if possible, tell them you'll come back to them and let the other players take their turn and/or do things. If it's during combat, tell them to be ready with their action when it comes to their initiative, and...
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    How many 1st level Fighers can an 11th Level Fighter Kill?
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    What do you love about your favorite edition that ISN’T rules related?

    While 1E isn't my favorite edition (it's tied between 2E and 5E), I love the line art from the 1E MM. I still love looking at that art.
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    Monsters Disguised as Cute Things

    Not exactly a "cute" creature, but a couple of years ago I was teaching my then 11 year old son to DM using Death House, and after defeating several pretty nasty enemies and surviving, my character was then beat to death by an animated broom.
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    What lore from previous editions do you wish stayed?

    Having played since BECMI, I never really got caught up in the lore much. I've honestly not paid that much attention to it. There may be a few monster changes that I preferred in older editions, but not enough to think too much of it. I've always just mostly played the game and didn't keep up...
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    D&D 5E A Touch More Class is in my hands

    I like the one that looks like a more violent Orko from He-Man.
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    Let's Talk About THAC0

    I never thought THAC0 was bad, or realized anyone else did, until I started hearing people complain about it on the Internet years later.
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    D&D 5E Stranger Things Starter Set was perfect for my son for his first time as a DM

    Cool, I definitely think this would work well. It's still a good idea to prep, and of course be familiar with the rules, but it makes running the adventure pretty easy.