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    Gamescience dice are very much worth it.

    Incredibly durable compared to the competition. Gamescience dice use a higher grade of plastic than their competitors. This has also been tested.
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    House rule brainstorming: grappling sucks

    Check out Super Simple Grappling. It's for 3.5, but it shouldn't be too hard to make it PF-friendly.
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    Is it WotC’s responsibility to bring people to the hobby?

    I want to assure you that your incoherence over the last several posts has been deeply moving for me. (Insofar as I'm backing away slowly from you.) It was cute having this conversation with you in 2011. In 2012 it's anachronistic. Nobody is disputing the publicly available sales numbers at...
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    Is it WotC’s responsibility to bring people to the hobby?

    What relevance do you think that has to do with the posts you're replying to?
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    GMs & DMs: What do you do with (severely) unbalanced adventuring parties?

    The solution is simple: Stop thinking that it's the GM's job to railroad PCs into pre-designed encounters. When you allow the PCs to choose where they're going to do and what they're going to do, the "problem" fixes itself.
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    Is it WotC’s responsibility to bring people to the hobby?

    Exactly. And that's why 4E was a failed edition. Any new edition of a game is going to pick up some percentage of the current market. But when you lose at least half your customers, I find it impossible to describe that as anything other than a failure. The key difference is not how many...
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    Is it WotC’s responsibility to bring people to the hobby?

    If you think that was clear, deep, and widespread dissatisfaction with the existing customer base for 3.5, where do you think all those Pathfinder players came from? You've already admitted that Pathfinder isn't substantially different. I'm aware that a lot of online theorists and CharOppers...
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    Knowledge check pile ons (d20)

    Knowledge checks are actually one of the few check where it doesn't bug me: They represent what people know and are generally reflexive. (You see an orc. Do you know what it is? Everybody gets a check.) Basically, they're like Spot checks. Where it really bugs me is Search checks: It's pure...
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    Is it WotC’s responsibility to bring people to the hobby?

    But, again, where's the money coming from for this? In an era where selling 15,000 copies of an RPG over its lifetime makes you a massive success story in the industry, these companies simply have no cash flow for what you're suggesting. For example, here's the ad rate sheet for Game Informer...
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    GenCon Attendance Sets Record with 41,000 attendees!

    Someone's been predicting the death of boardgaming?
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    Is it WotC’s responsibility to bring people to the hobby?

    This isn't true. The Traveller fanbase, for example, is badly fractured and if you go to the places where Traveller players hang out you can hear some pretty hot conversations about it. It's just that there aren't enough Traveller players to form a critical mass in most places. Historically...
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    MMO terms and tabletop, anyone completely ANNOYED by this?

    DPS is the one that drives me nuts: Virtually no RPGs measure things in discrete seconds. With that being said: The key word here is "new". People new to an experience will attempt to find ways to apply the knowledge they've gained from similar experiences. As human beings we're pretty much...
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    GenCon Attendance Sets Record with 41,000 attendees!

    Tabletop games in general are booming. RPGs, in specific, aren't really participating in that boom.
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    Story-creation games (storygames) - are they RPGs?

    Roleplaying Games vs. Storytelling Games A roleplaying game features a system in which mechanical decisions are associated to character decisions, so that any mechanical decision is, by default, a character decision (and thus the playing of a role). A storytelling game features a system in...
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    Anyone ran the Drow War series?

    Are you talking about the series from Mongoose? That's an adventure path. There's absolutely no chance you could finish it in a weekend.
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    Why re-release 3.5?

    From a purely commercial standpoint, it makes more sense than the 1E reprints. Look at the used market: 1E core rulebooks can be had very, very cheaply. 3E core rulebooks, OTOH, are much more expensive. And, in the case of the 3.5 PHB, the price for even the lowest quality used copies have been...
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    Play-Testing Hold Person

    Agreed. They're not interesting, their inconsistency screws with system mastery, and they seem to be completely unnecessary. I would be happier not giving them the save at the beginning of their turn: Save if they get hurt. Save if somebody takes an action to "snap them out of it". Otherwise...
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    Will the real Mike Mearls please stand up?

    He's also the guy who designed elaborate, skill-based stunt systems for Iron Heroes and Book of Iron Might; then a couple years later said that you should ditch all untrained skills and just use ability checks; then designed 4E; and is now back to the ability check thing. Mearls is a...
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    D&D 5E Ed Greenwood to write 5E's Forgotten Realms

    It's difficult to take you seriously when you keep saying stuff that's directly contradicted by the quote you're attempting to villify. But, by all means, continue stretching you analogies. Maybe you'll eventually make people forget what you actually quoted so that you can freely attack the...
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    D&D 5E Ed Greenwood to write 5E's Forgotten Realms

    That's a separate issue (which also hasn't been true for all versions of the Realms) and has nothing to do with what your originally quoted. The text actually says the exact opposite of that. It's like claiming that any RPG set in the latter half of the 20th century makes the PCs "largely...