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    D&D 5E what is it about 2nd ed that we miss?

    I have never played 5 E because after looking a 3 E I shook my head and said just give me AD&D 2 and that has been how it is ever since. maybe I should check out 5 E , but truly, I love the world Ulear that my husband created using AD&D 2. Perhaps I will check out 5 and if I like it I will buy...
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    What Will Become of the FLGS?

    Thank you for your post, it kind of answers a question I have been asking myself for a very long time. Every time my husband and I move to a new area we always looked for someone whom was selling role play systems. And we had a difficult time finding them. They seemed to becoming fewer and fewer...
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    An uncomfortable thought

    I personally haven't run into that problem, but I have had friends whom did. They said their boss felt they were immature because they were interested in AD&D. That role play was for kids not adults. I am sorry but I am 68 and I still love to role play, one because real life can be exhausting...