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    Adventure A Week

    The problem with Dungeonaday was that they weren't able to garner enough subscribers to justify continuing the series, which as far as I could tell was really good. I'm leaning towards purchasing a year's subscription since that cost seems to be a bit better than the Dungeonaday's subscription...
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    Pathfinder 1E This is why pathfinder has been successful.

    I think another reason why Paizo is perhaps doing relatively much better than Wizards is because Paizo was able to make pdf versions (and other things) of their products work, and work very well. And not just their Pathfinder brand, but other things like their GameMastery supplement map business...
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    Oots 0828

    Guys, I think you're missing the bigger point: bad reality TV is everywhere, and I really would like to see how those slutty succubi cheat around their demonic hubbies, and maybe their human victims.
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    D&D 5E What 5th edition needs to achieve IMO

    I like the whole PDF system, and we now have Kindle, Nook, Apple and other technologies that will make piracy much harder to implement easily. Put the pdf at a price range where more people able to purchase the book instead of illegally getting it free, and you have a winning online strategy...
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    D&D 5E What 5th edition needs to achieve IMO

    I would love to give experience points to many posts here, but I can't seem to do that at this time. Anyway, here are my suggestions: 4th edition's failure was that it tried to mimic video game play. It doesn't work when you are sitting down face to face or streaming it on TwitchTV. Get away...
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    1001 minor traits for magic swords

    289. Bouncer. This Bastard Sword has a +1 bonus inside man-made structures and a +3 bonus in taverns, inns and hotels. It is sentient because it has a soul of a bartender (who speaks in a Jersey accent). This grants the the wielder a +2 bonus in brewing and cooking skills. 290. Letter Opener...
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    1001 minor traits for magic swords

    287. The Laughing Tooth. Granted by a Trickster God, this +5 Vorpal and Keen Energy Rapier has a critical hit range of 13 - 20 /x3. On a critical hit the blade will cause the armor, clothing, anything cut clean through. Heck, it even cut through a two-dimensional shadow from its host and made...
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    Mongoose's "State of the Mongoose"

    I think from a financial perspective, Hasbro wants to see Wizards produce better in 2012 and 2013. So I think you'll get to see a 5th edition that will be much more open sandbox, thus I'm thinking it's going to be a two trails version: one trail involving what worked well in 3rd edition, and one...
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    1001 minor traits for magic swords

    284. Plane Render. On a mere swing of the sword, the sword has a 10% chance of cutting the plane and creating a planar tear that would allow anyone to enter into it and enter the next immediate plane, whether it is another material plane coterminous to it, or an plane that surrounds like, like...
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    OotS #819 is up! "Parental Insight"

    Nale's look when he realizes his father knows too much should be the picture when you look up "Oh, Crap!" in TVTropes.
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    Oots 0813

    "interfering with a mail carrier"? Belkar? Did the mail carrier mistook him for a gnome?
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    OotS 803: Saved by the Belt

    So take one ordinary house cat, add a belt of giant strength (or collar), and you'd get very powerful house cat who now can kill a 5th level PC. All Mr. Scruffy needs now is a Scruffy like tune when he does something awesome. And perhaps a hat.
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    OotS 802 is up

    Semi-elemental plane of ranch dressing? Does this mean they have a plane of chocolate existing somewhere?
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    Pathfinder 1E Pathfinder outselling D&D

    By the way, Hasbro (the parent company of Wizards of the Coast) will be reporting on Monday, so we can get (maybe) a small glimpse at how well Hasbro thinks Wizards of the Coast maybe doing. And they, not Wizards, will determine whether what Wizards is doing is a success or not. I would think...
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    OotS 794 is up

    This leads to a question: would you allow yourself to gain several negative levels to make out with a hot succubus?
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    Review of Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale by Atari

    Moral of the review: Let Bioware, and only Bioware, handle all future D&D themed video game releases.
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    1001 minor traits for magic swords

    114) Umbrella sword. A secret button located where the grip and the cross guard meet allows you to retract the blade into the grip and a umbrella appears in its place. A second secret button allows you to open up the umbrella. Swords must be at least the same size as a short sword or greater in...
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    Ultimate Magic

    Just bought the PDF. I'm thinking that with the one of the Bard "Masterpieces" (House of the Imaginary Walls) I can finally bring on an undead bard mime horde to plague the city. Because everyone hates a mime. Even evil deities hate mimes. Am I the only one that thinks the Magus class is...
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    Genders - What's the difference?

    A couple of thoughts from the 14 pages of posts I've perused: I think it's pretty clear if we're going to have a more realistic look at weight and height and correlating them to the stats, then the stats should correlate to the height, weight, etc. instead of them being sort of unrelated to...
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    A familiar Mimic

    So, I was working on putting together a campaign, and I was reading some other campaign that involved a very high level mimic as an enemy. And I often have thought that it would be really cool if you could have a mimic as familiar, as it blurs the line between person, place and thing. So I am...