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  1. SensoryThought

    Rogue Daggermaster Crit Idea's

    Also Kukris are good with daggermaster, as the get a bigger die daggermaster utility pushes them to d8 (heaps for a 3W or 4W crit).
  2. SensoryThought

    Rogue Daggermaster Crit Idea's

    Low slash or minor action triggered attacks for extra rogue attacks. Duelist's prowess stance lvl 1 daily gives you bonus rogue reaction attacks. Lashing blade 7 enc gives you an attack nova and a good AC buff. The lack of basic attack substituting rogue powers is a good balance to insure the...
  3. SensoryThought

    Dear Wizards of the Coast blog post...

    While I don't agree that POD reprints are the best or even a likely solution to WOTC problems, I think a number of problems were correctly identified. File sharing and edition fragmentation are big issues. I know WOTC hope the new edition will "unite the fanbase" the history of gaming would...
  4. SensoryThought

    Creative ideas wanted!

    Awesome suggestions. Thx unwise. I particularly like treating crowds as difficult terrain, using marks (and maybe combat superiority type powers) and having the low movement guy held or immobilized. Lots of new ideas to work with.
  5. SensoryThought

    Creative ideas wanted!

    Regarding mobility, there is an Eladrin built around teleport, shifting, and combat maneuvering. The assassin has a magic item that allows large jumps as an encounter power that effectively gives him fly for a round. The third has no movement powers.
  6. SensoryThought

    Creative ideas wanted!

    Some great suggestions so far. The PCs are levels 6-8. They started out with good intentions but their ends justify the means attitude towards vengeance have caused the leader to push them down an increasingly evil path (their good allies feel betrayed). As a player I know he wants to do the...
  7. SensoryThought

    Creative ideas wanted!

    I know my PCs well and they have a clever but sometimes annoying habit of bypassing fights by fleeing. They have enough shift/teleport/movement powers to get around enemies avoiding AoO and then run. I have an upcoming climatic fight for them to go 3 on 3 against former npc allies they...
  8. SensoryThought

    How to make a Duelist/Fencer Class?

    I agree the artful dodger rogue can do the job, with sly flourish, opening move, acrobatic strike, and handspring attack good lvl 1 powers. With high Dex/Cha I also think it feels the most swashbuckling. And get the 'flash of the blade' feat as mentioned.
  9. SensoryThought

    Am I Being a Jerk DM?

    I personally don't support such a tactic, though it isn't cheating. When players do it, they are relying on their fellow players to comply and with different initiatives, things can go wrong. But you control all the monsters so they *know* nothing can go wrong. If you want to make things tough...
  10. SensoryThought

    Can you slide or push an enemy into a square you cant see ???????

    I also agree with Taed. Rule on what makes sense for the power. RAW you couldn't then push into a sphere of darkness with no line of sight, which is just silly.
  11. SensoryThought

    Tutorial dungeon?

    I find that all new players (and experienced players with new characters to a lesser degree) suffer from option paralysis. Their turn comes up and they say 'what can I do?' My tips: 1. Essentials characters are good but can be nearly as complex for new players as vanilla. Except the slayer but...
  12. SensoryThought

    D&D 4E 4e blogs

    I'll second Sly Flourish. The Id DM is good too.
  13. SensoryThought

    Help for my player

    Alternatively a battlefront leader warlord with feat support to get scale + heavy shield starts with a great AC and can minor action self heal twice to effectively have 150%hp.
  14. SensoryThought

    Help for my player

    I agree with the above comments that he has a couple of choices to increase survival: 1. Not run in, stand back and play ranged. 2. Run in and take it. Defenders should be able to be swamped, particularly with leader support. If the other players aren't helping there may be a larger issue at...
  15. SensoryThought


    I also like rituals as a way to give magical pcs extra abilities that aren't combat focussed. Having them cost is great for balance too (yes they buy rations rather than summon meals at 50gp a pop). I have houseruled lower casting times for some rituals and/or made it so dragonmarked pcs can...
  16. SensoryThought

    Head of the Thieves' Guild

    I like both. Having the CG leader being lazy/easygoing/popular might make the guild very good for recruiting - thieves don't like rules. He could also have an ace in the hole (magic sword, ring that teleports him out of danger etc) that means his brutal second (LE) who wants to restructure...
  17. SensoryThought

    Can I make multiple extra melee attacks with one crit?

    If you listen/read sly flourish, he noted that high crit feats plus things that proc on crits are great for breaking late paragon/epic tier games in terms of pcs getting crazy powerful. Daggermaster paragon path is another offender in the crit stacking game (you crit 15% of the time). Rules...
  18. SensoryThought

    Armors: Getting hit vs Damage reduction

    I also would note DR reduces spike damage compared to defence improvement. With ready healing this significantly reduces the chances of being knocked out.
  19. SensoryThought

    Armors: Getting hit vs Damage reduction

    No. And I disagree re: that damage resistance is worse than AC/NAD bumps. Damage resistance is crazy powerful, and I try to limit it to defenders via items or specific elements to pcs of a certain flavor (the ice elf frostmage taking cold resist feats). Most monsters do low damage compared...
  20. SensoryThought

    Wizard Power: Hypnotism

    RAW, yes to both, but I personally would say no to self attacks. I'd probably say yes to forced movement though instead of an attack to set themselves up for later. While I like the power, the mechanics seem both too limited and not limited enough regarding the actual effect (hypnotism).