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    Online tabletop simulator

    I was wondering what the best program or site was for a tabletop game simulator, I used one a few years back but despite my extensive google fu it remains ambigious. Looking for one that I can arrange encounters and move minis ect. Everything you would need to run a normal game just online...
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    Videogame Influences!

    I believe that Videogames are a great a resource as anything. Though someone said it was a circle of life thing. On point. They were created to fill a market when the electronic entertainment age started. Just like Madden or Knockout kings. It's easy, non social(off line) you don't have to...
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    Issues of timing for DMs

    I totally agree with Primitive Screwhead, the main point I want to emphasize is starting on time. My group is notorius for "Gonna start at 6" then two hours later having talked about everything from kids to politics not even rolled a single die. But as to stopping mid combat, I just provide...
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    Milling some idea's around for my campaign

    Sorry about my tardiness. That supposed say "I am not quite sure, I haven't quite got the lich figured out" But I think indeed I am going that direction. I am actually going to have the lich's lair a well manacured estate just on the outskirts of the city. He attracts idealistic lesser nobles...
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    Milling some idea's around for my campaign

    While the Fagin slant is very tempting, I am not sure I have quite got the lich Figured out. He was a tiefling in his mortal life, hailing from a nearby underground(not underdark) Tiefling community. By the way do we have an age span on Tieflings? But he came to the empire of Volkraad wide...
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    Milling some idea's around for my campaign

    Thank you guys. I like the idea of the Rake Statue drawing allegiance from the dwarves as an avatar of Moradin. I was going to turn him into a Rogue Elidon(sp?) and draw a cult following but I like that better. So now I see all these forces attacking the empire, but not neccessarily allied...
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    Milling some idea's around for my campaign

    Hello one and all, good to be back this will be my first post in well over two years. A lot has happened in my personal life. Being homeless, drifter, multiple job losses and lay offs. Finally coming to terms with my faith. Getting married! And finally a little bit of stability in my life. That...
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    What do I do with this campaign?

    Can't help but think oceans x type plotline. Find someone big powerful good or bad doesn't matter it's business, they scam him, skip town. Insert a semi large organization or other con-group they want the action. They end up with all the money, items, ect. So now the pc's need some revenge, they...
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    TBR: Sound off

    And for all newbies when we travel down Illinois St. or anywhere out of the con lets remember to well here is an example (Think Lumbar) Peter how's it going Pretty good Yea... I'm gonna need you to go ahead take off your name badge, because we kind of need to play catch up Is Hida still...
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    changeing time for Conan

    decided to go with not so many pre-purchased events this year so whenever is prolly good
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    song parodies

    I just thought of one today actually based for gencon but imagine.... It's august in Indiana, downtown Indy burnt from the sun above roasted from the pavement below, there it is the convention center you walk through a pair of double doors then (To Welcome to the Jungle by GnR) Welcome to...
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    Campaign ending showdown suggestions

    Since it's the final one, make it big, make the PC's make some tough choices, perhaps they might need to sacrifice themselves in order to stop the BBeG
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    Sports-themed RPG's?

    I played a trial of WWE the RPG at Gencon a couple years past, it was pretty cool, Never seen a d20 football or anyother sport unless you consider X-Crawl
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    TBR: Sound off

    Sorry I'm late sorry I'm late make room make room, I'm thinking I'll be drinking you all under the table and besides women love me. Wingman here? CHECK!!
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    changeing time for Conan

    I would love to get in on this
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    Canadiana Suite 2006 GAME ON!

    sweet memories of Candiana Mister Burnsishh "Exxxccellentt"
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    GenCon Name Badges (CLOSED)

    Stone Angel Joe Congleton pshhh I need no Avatar
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    Never played D&D and taking role as DM

    My friend you have just entered a world that will stay in your blood for the rest of your life. Everyone has given pretty good advice. Start small work up as you feel comfortable, keep in mind that you and your players are both new and you will make mistakes and thats ok. My group has nearly...
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    Sticky D&D Minis

    your spray may have aged and settled a bit also, but I have not tended to work much on plastic minis
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    Storn's art for swipin'!

    Still freakin awesome