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    D&D 5E Different approach to buying the core books in 5E

    I dunno, maybe I'll wait for the inevitable mid-edition reboot. Edit: Let me add, I really like 4e, but what makes me lose trust are factors external to the core system: bad proofreading / lots of errata, the aforementioned x.5 / Essentials reboot of the core books, and of course accelerating...
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    Monte has left the building:How do you feel about the direction of the game?

    I like a lot of his 3rd edition stuff, but his L&L columns added to my mounting concerns with 5E. I'll have to run a playtest game or two though. Maybe he's working on Pathfinder 2E now? :-p
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    D&D 5E Monte Cook Leaves WotC - No Longer working on D&D Next [updated]

    And . . . open playtests on May 24th! That's double the big news in one day!
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    D&D 5E Monte Cook Leaves WotC - No Longer working on D&D Next [updated]

    Designing D&D 5E is about the most prestigious spot an RPG developer could be in right now. So it must have been something pretty significant, maybe disagreement over the direction or some feature that we won't find out about for months. I could see this relating to the OGL, as keener...
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    New WotC Article - Deadly Dice

    For me it rides on how easy or hard it is to bring back characters from the dead. Parting with some loot to pay for a ritual is kinda lame from a story perspective, but right when characters regularly live-or-die by the dice and you don't want mortality to slow down the game. I guess I prefer...
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    New WotC Article - The Role of Skills

    I see this Stats instead of Skills being especially problematic for rogues. Specifically, their role as a skill monkey is pretty much obsolete. If Wisdom is used for noticing things, then the cleric is the one who searches for traps. Maybe he finds one, and calls the wizard to go disarm it...
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    L&L: Putting the Vance in Vancian

    Meh. Mage hands and floating discs are fun, non-combat abilities that spellcasters should get for free. Burning a feat on these mild spells would sting. I also don't see much merit to Vancian magic other than its historical roots in the game. If D&D never had this type of magic, and someone...
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    Kings and Castles - Poll

    I'd like to see some acknowledgement of realm management in the core rules, even if the stronghold / mass combat / follower rules are in another book. It seems like it would be a lot of fun, and a nice break from the usual dungeon delving. The players have certainly earned the right by level...
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    Sniper Mechanics

    That's a clever implementation! I could see a scenario where the players have some options to move behind foliage or through water to evade the sniper. With the skill challenge, maybe step 2 (find your position) is an optional step that would give you an attack bonus. Too many sniper...
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    D&D 5E "5E is of no interest to me" - really? Already?

    This is getting nitpicky, but making that small group of hardcore fans happy is crucial. To be successful, a game (and this applies to board and video games too) needs those diehard fans to talk about a game, create buzz, and evangelize it to the masses--especially with the growing role of...
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    D&D 5E "5E is of no interest to me" - really? Already?

    Granted, there's not a lot of concrete information, but there is something--the high-level design goals, dev Q&A, L&L columns, and playtest impressions. For me, these things don't paint a good picture of 5e. Making a rules-lite version of D&D isn't something that I was aware people were asking...
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    D&D Blog. Should Fighters get multiple attacks?

    One more for not wanting multiple attacks to make a comeback. I've seen too many power characters built on layering damage bonuses with extra attacks. It also runs counter to 5e's goals of faster combat. But then so do opposed rolls and critical confirmation rolls. So there's that. As other...
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    D&D 5E D&D Next Blog: What's in a (Spell) Name?

    Like 'em, they add some color to D&D, but can't say I care too strongly either way. Now the 15 min / 1 hour / 8 hour rest mechanic in that one thread would make a sweet poll topic ;-p
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    Wages, Salaries, and Earnings

    That's a cool campaign idea! Two quick thoughts: -Early on, let the players discover a stash of residium / rare incense so they can cast a Tensor's Floating Disk without setting their expedition back 2 weeks. Or give them an alternate way to cast rituals without burning through their gp...
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    Heroes of the Elemental Chaos

    I'm really far behind the curve, I just picked up the DMG 2. Which I might add is a fantastic product. But post a review of Heroes of Chaos, I'll definitely read it, even if its a while before I pick it up ;)
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    Do You Want A D&D That Is "Faster, Better, Smarter"?

    I do want a "faster, better, smarter" D&D, but what that would look like is subject to interpretation. For me, it would be a streamlined 4e, and it wouldn't be announced for another 2 years or so . . . :erm:
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    Legends and Lore for 2/13

    Yeah, that was such a random collection of stuff to vote on. If that wasn't a useless poll already, the bad formatting makes sure it is. For all that talk about professional game designers . . . I don't know how one could even entertain the notion of bringing back THAC0, racial level limits...
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    How about alignment?

    Five alignments: Good, Neutral, Evil, Lawful, Chaotic.
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    D&D 5E D&D Next Blog - Wizards Like to Roll Dice Too

    That's a rule I could get behind. When a PC dies they have only the dice to blame! Although it would remove the ability to fudge dice for us DMs :) You could even give players a choice how to avoid certain attacks. In response to a fireball, you could get "I dodge out of the way", "I take...