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  1. jekessler

    Did anyone ever publish a Space Battleship Yamato/Starblazers RPG

    Cubicle 7 had a Fate-based Starblazers game, but it's going away at the end of the month. The good news is you can get it in pdf for $5 until then.
  2. jekessler

    Chicago Gameday 36 is October 19th: SIGN UP TO PLAY!

    Unfortunately my afternoon commitment has creeped to earlier in the day, and I have to drop out. Please open up a slot in the morning Marvel game. Maybe next time!
  3. jekessler

    Chicago Gameday 36 is October 19th: SIGN UP TO PLAY!

    Please add me to Marvel in the Morning.
  4. jekessler

    Chicago Gameday 35 is July 13th: SIGN UP TO PLAY

    Please add me for Marvel Heroic in the afternoon.
  5. jekessler

    Kickstarter Kickstarter for LCD minis

    The latest update was 6 days ago. Still in the prototype stage - the estimate for shipping final models is apparently now August.
  6. jekessler

    Do You Read This News?

    I also read the news page first, once or twice a week. I will scroll down to catch the days I've missed, but it it's longer than a week, I don't go all the way back. Then I move on to the forums, and any of the links I may have clicked from the news page to read further.
  7. jekessler

    [MHR] Marvel RPG Discontinued, PDF sales ending next week

    A Movie pdf would likely mean a whole different license than the comics one (weird, I know, but most probably true). then you'd have to get likeness approvals form all the actors, etc. A mess if your main thrust is the comics. As for missing Hulk, along with Thor and Hawkeye, he was available...
  8. jekessler

    [MHR] Marvel RPG Discontinued, PDF sales ending next week

    Excellent! The next Game Day is right on my mother's birthday, so I may miss (I'll try to make it). I'm starting to really look forward to those snark sessions with Kitty. :-)
  9. jekessler

    [MHR] Marvel RPG Discontinued, PDF sales ending next week

    No inside info here, but from what others have said, it seems the 'Event Structure' was one of the ideas that sold Marvel on granting the license in the first place. So while I might agree the setup wasn't ideal (though I've mellowed on the idea since my original knee-jerk reaction), it may...
  10. jekessler

    [MHR] Marvel RPG Discontinued, PDF sales ending next week

    I doubt Cam's departure had much effect, really. He was still VERY responsive on the forums and via e-mail. He was still involved daily as far as I could tell, as a contractor if not as an employee. No, I think this was a licensing issue with Marvel and MWP, and whatever the new terms were...
  11. jekessler

    [MHR] Marvel RPG Discontinued, PDF sales ending next week

    The Annihilation Premium Book and Essential book pdfs are available, as are all of the Civil War Books (Premium and essential, as well as the 50 State Initiative, Young Avengers and X-Men books). The Premium books are the same as the essentials, but the premium includes the Operations Manual...
  12. jekessler

    Chicago Gameday 34 is March 23rd: SIGN UP TO PLAY!

    Sign me up for Marvel Heroic in the morning and Leverage in the afternoon. Thanks!
  13. jekessler

    Chicago Gameday 33 is Nov 10: SIGN UP TO PLAY

    Could you add me to the morning slot for MHR: Road to Civil War, please?
  14. jekessler

    Wolrds Largest **itty

    Oh, I dunno. Seems to have plenty of substance, some of it exaggerated to make his (humorous) points of course, as well as being pretty funny (and this from a guy who did write for the book). I mean, he correctly points out no overarching plots - though misses that there are a number of...
  15. jekessler

    World's Largest City [Merged]

    Update from my earlier, months ago. I did finally receive my contributor's copy (there were some issues with the address AEP had on file for me ), so I can see what bits of my Entertainment district did make it into the book (most of it, with in-jokes mostly intact), and can feel...
  16. jekessler

    [D&D 3.0] Rogue/Sorcerer - Which 6 spells?

    I originally posted this question to, but I was getting a lot of 3.5 specific suggestions, and wanted to expand my search anyway. I need some help picking optimal spells to live with for a couple of levels. First, some background: So, I've been in a VERY non-standard D&D campaign for...
  17. jekessler

    World's Largest City [Merged]

    I haven't seen the finished product, so things may have changed. There is, as noted noted earlier, a Humaniods District, but IIRC they don't get to freely wander the city itself, but are rather segregated into their own area beyond the main walls. Kind of a chaotic remnant of various attacks...
  18. jekessler

    Master Transmogrifist - Which Favored Shapes?

    Yep, that's not until MT 10th. Well, I checked on whether he'd allow the dragon form to 'age' as I got higher in level, and he indicated yes, since that is spelled out in the creature description, but I'm not sure about buffing up a monster to a supermonster. He says: "Next as I see it --...
  19. jekessler

    Master Transmogrifist - Which Favored Shapes?

    Forgot to address this bit. This is a wizard character, just now picking up 4th level spells. Though in this DM's world the line in blurred, as Int only applies to remembering arcane spells, learning them is a function of wisdom, and bonus spells are governed by Cha. I've read that good feats...
  20. jekessler

    Master Transmogrifist - Which Favored Shapes?

    I get that. But with the eventual "infinite variety", if I understand it correctly, I should be able to add in more 'mundane' attributes such as speed to a favored form from a non-Favored one, so taking a form just for (non-ex) movement isn't necessary, is it? So creatures I select should be...