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    Dragonbane Offers A Box Full Of Classic Fantasy

    Mixing Disney-style anthro animals into a traditional fantasy world is still pretty out of place in fantasty in general and RPGs especially.
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    Dragonbane Offers A Box Full Of Classic Fantasy

    The ducks are like 75 percent of the reason I want this. It makes no sense, traditional fantasy world plus anthro ducks, how delightfully weird, the sorta thing American designers would never do, I want to see more European games now. Especially if they have ducks.
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    RPG Print News – Goodman Games and More

    If you think the one boxed set is great, the second one KS backers got made it one of the best kickstarters I've backed. I was lamenting that I had nothing new to read and then those boxes and modules showed up and I'm good till FreeRPGDay at least.
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    Nominate your MOST ANTICIPATED RPG of 2022

    The Devil Made us do it from Monte Cook Games Blue Planet: Recontact from Biohazard Games
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    Nominate your favourite RPG podcasts of 2019!

    I'd like to nominate the following talk show podcasts: The main Know Direction podcast - I don't even play Pathfinder and I find it entertaining - especially their PaizoCon and GenCon seminar coverage every year Spellburn - DCC. The edition Wars podcast...
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    Uneasy Partnerships

    Yes it's a bad thing. Amazon doesn't create community. Amazon and Walmart and B&N and Target and... all might sell the books, but none of them offer space to play the games, none of them offer a meeting place in meat-space for gamers to gather and talk and play games. If you're into magic, sure...
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    It's that time of year again! Nominate Your Most Anticipated Games of 2019

    Monte Cook Games' Revised Cypher System
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    40 Years of Games Workshop Stores!

    Ironically, the other Steve Jackson, the American one, published a rulebook for Killer, several editions of it in fact. But I've never played it with winking, we used NERF guns or finger guns and said bang, or envelopes containing a note that said "this is a bomb/poison, you are dead". Or you'd...
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    RPG Crowdfunding News 079: John Carter of Mars, The Widow’s Tear, Children of the Apocalypse, A Nigh

    Planetary romance has nothing to do with the genre of romance. From Wikipedia: "Planetary romance is a subgenre of science fiction or science fantasy in which the bulk of the action consists of adventures on one or more exotic alien planets, characterized by distinctive physical and cultural...
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    Look Back In Strangeness: The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Other Strangeness Game

    Wait, you mean people actually use a non-Rifts Palladium book for something other than as a sourcebook for RIFTS? I kid. Mostly.
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    Gen Con By The Numbers

    Um, if they're limited to 60k people why did they report a unique attendance two years ago of 65k? What about when the NRA had their con in the ICC that had greater than 80k unique attendees? There were definitely more people there this year than last year and they reported 61k unique attendance...
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    RPG Crate Unboxing: Mythoard - March 2017

    I was a subscriber but this crate was the final straw. I just want stuff to read. don't want dice unless they're special or unique (the d30 in this set was ok I guess) but I don't want mini or hirst arts tiles with no use. THe KODT is a huge improvement of the endless judge's guild newsletters...
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    The Other Red Box - Early Alternative Art For D&D

    That drawing belongs in a museum.
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    Is This The World Record For Most Official RPG Monsters?

    2e had 15 numbered Monstrous Compendium indices ranging in page count from 64 to 144. Added together that's 1216 pages. The wikipedia entry for the Monstrous Compendium claims that each monster was presented on it's own page, though my (possibly faulty) memory recalls some pages had a monster on...
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    [UPDATED] TITANSGRAVE Previews; Plus An "Episode Zero" Announced

    To be fair, Trek wasn't being very creative when they named their lizard people Saurians, since Saurian is a real world adjective that means lizard like. Other than their brandy, for which they're famous, I don't think we ever see a Saurian in TNG, it's likely Wil just used the real word to...
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    [UPDATED] Dragon+: An Official D&D iOS App

    I guess I should be grateful that it's free, but it's in the newsstand app, an app I never use and have in a difficult to access spot of my phone b/c until now it's been so useless. I would rather read this on my PC than my phone, if it's free anyway I hope they release pdfs instead of sticking...
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    Please tell me you're going to maintain the lack of balance between races and occupations and allow characters to start at widely variable power levels. Or in other words, can my players form a party consisting of: A knight of the Cosmic Forge, A demigod, A dragon hatchling, a city rat and a...
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    Green Ronin's Press Release:
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    Morrus, How have you not heard of Thundarr the Barbarian before now, Paizo namedropped it dozens of times when they were describing Iron Gods, pretty sure MCG namedropped it when describing Numenera too. Heavy Metal, I dunno man, it's only been a magazine for about as long as D&D has existed...
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    [UPDATED: CONFIRMED!] Wheaton's Game: Putting Together The Clues!

    So, if you look at Wil's blog post from March 28th he says: emphasis mine. So it sounds like he handed what he and his son wrote off to an RPG designer, so it sounds like something that might get published.