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  1. tetnak

    Kickstarter The Heroes & Hardships Kickstarter is live!

    Any Setting! Any Character! Any Adventure! Anything You Can Imagine! Back today! Heroes & Hardships is a universal roleplaying game that allows gamemasters to craft any story they desire. Heroes & Hardships contains many options to facilitate diverse styles and genres of play; GMs can easily...


  3. tetnak

    Earl of Fife Games Announces Licensing Deal for Tetsubō - Former Warhammer Fantasy Setting Expansion

    Tetsubō is coming to Heroes & Hardships in 2023. Earl of Fife Games is proud to announce the licensing of the unpublished Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay setting expansion Tetsubō by Dave Morris and Jamie Thomson (famed authors of Dragon Warriors and Fabled Lands). Tetsubō is set to be released as...
  4. tetnak

    Kickstarter Heroes & Hardships Core Rulebook [Coming Soon]

    Heroes & Hardships is coming to Kickstarter soon! ANY SETTING ANY CHARACTER ANY ADVENTURE ANYTHING YOU CAN IMAGINE!! Heroes & Hardships is a Universal RPG System built for flexibility and fun! Heroes & Hardships lets you play your way. Chuck handfuls of d10s with a Roll & Keep dice pool...
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  7. tetnak

    Release Infernal Tranquility for 5E

    Earl of Fife has released an adventure for 5E! A dangerous cult begins to transform a peaceful town into a chaotic haven for madness. Will you stop their machinations or will infernal spirits destroy everything you hold dear? Infernal Tranquility is an adventure for 4-6 3rd level characters...
  8. tetnak

    Release Wallace a Setting-Adventure now available for Heroes and Hardships

    Wallace for Heroes and Hardships Out Now! Get it NOW! Freedom from the yoke! William Wallace's story of legend began in Lanark Castle where the Scottish patriot first rose up in rebellion against the English. The Actions of Lanark is a 40-page sandbox adventure that allows players to assume...
  9. tetnak

    Release The Darkling Legacy - Adventure for the 13th Age RPG

    A terrible danger stalks the Umbral Woods surrounding Hausen. Darklings, creatures of unknown origin and malicious intent, claim the woods as their own. These savage creatures have plagued the dark corners of the wood since time immemorial. Every one hundred years, the town’s most accomplished...
  10. tetnak

    Release New Mothership Module - Fear Factory V

    Fear Factory V is in full production...can you overcome your terror? A simple contract investigating disappearances on the moon of Telsix will expose you to a darker side of the colony's secret past. Telsix ever progresses forward as a leader in AI research, but a blend of technology and madness...
  11. tetnak

    Release The Heroes and Hardships Quickstart Guide is Pay What You Want!

    One System; Any Setting! Heroes and Hardships is a skill-based D10 dice pool RPG system that will support any setting or story you can imagine! Heroes and Hardships is built for heroic adventure and deadly campaigns! The Heroes and Hardships Quickstart Guide contains everything you need to...
  12. tetnak

    Sale Slaves to Fate for Old-School Essentials

    Hello everyone, I invite you to check out Slaves to Fate, an adventure compatible with Old-School Essentials and other B/X games. You can get it HERE! Snow began to fall as the Betrayer placed a trinket on the raised stone altar in the middle of the Haunted Forest. The chirps of birds and...
  13. tetnak

    The Brand - An Adventure for Symbaroum is out now!

    Hello everyone! Let me draw your attention to our newest release on the Free League Workshop for Symbaroum! The Brand: And a child will be born to combat the slumber of the sun. Upon the babe shall be a mark of light and warmth to withstand a terrible storm of snow, ice and death. Shelter...
  14. tetnak

    Journey to Arkaban for Shadow of the Demon Lord

    Hello everyone! We've released Journey to Arkaban for Shadow of the Demon Lord! The Journey to Arkaban is an adventure of near endless possibilities. This adventure features new travel rules for Shadow of the Demon Lord. These rules help turn expeditions across your map into exciting trials of...
  15. tetnak

    Slaves to Fate - Genesys & Terrinoth Compatible Adventure

    Hello everyone! Check out Slaves to Fate for Genesys RPG. Included in the adventure is the following: A modular adventure that can be set in Terrinoth or elsewhere. A new species, the Doppelgänger, including 10 Sub-Species. Original dark fantasy art. Six new monsters. New mechanics...
  16. tetnak

    Release New release for ZWEIHÄNDER Grim & Perilous RPG!

    Great! Hope you enjoy it.
  17. tetnak

    Release New release for ZWEIHÄNDER Grim & Perilous RPG!

    Hello everyone! Just wanted to announce a new community content release for ZWEIHÄNDER Grim & Perilous RPG! Forever Winter is a modular adventure for ZWEIHÄNDER Grim & Perilous RPG. Inside you will find 80 pages of dark fantasy content, including: New ancestry - The Doppelgänger Five full...
  18. tetnak

    Forever Winter for Shadow of the Demon Lord

    Forever Winter is one of the hottest Community Content titles on DriveThuRPG! We're quickly on our way to Copper status! Help us get there and grab yourself a supplement packed with content!
  19. tetnak

    Buy Forever Winter today! Get it HERE!

    Buy Forever Winter today! Get it HERE!