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  1. Icon_Charlie

    Who Makes WotC's Adventures?

    Would it been better just to stated the obvious that WotC is outsourced certain projects and is in charge of of said project for quality control? Sounds a lot better than the spin doctoring of business speak that is bantering around on this topic. I think it would actually.
  2. Icon_Charlie

    D&D Still Leads ICv2's Quarterly Hobby Game Rankings

    Since I already had the info on this before this posting I would like to point out that the miniatures market has flattened out in revenue and also state as before how small the Rpg market really is.
  3. Icon_Charlie

    New WotC Layoffs?

    I agree with this statement. My philosophy really comes down to treat people as how you want to be treated. Most businesses that I dealt with have no idea on the dividends and profits on just being nice to others and to the employees. With my investment partners I have to at times show them...
  4. Icon_Charlie

    Hasbro Sells Game Manufacturing Plants; Focuses On "Global Brand Experiences"

    I'll stand by my last post and agree to disagree with you.
  5. Icon_Charlie

    Hasbro Sells Game Manufacturing Plants; Focuses On "Global Brand Experiences"

    You know I would be leery when doing business in the Pacific Rim. IP and copyright controls are pretty much non existent (For myself it came down to the US and/or Western Europe). Oh yea you can get your finished product manufactured over there very cheaply but if your product is good...
  6. Icon_Charlie

    New WotC Layoffs?

    I deal with corporate 500 companies. This double speak always pisses me off to no end. Generally translates to... "we are going to screw you and the rest of the masses for personal gain" Luckily in my case it is about "Location, Location. Location" and what their 3-5 year lease is going to be...
  7. Icon_Charlie

    New WotC Layoffs?

    Think it is more for quality control than anything else. Magic is doing fine at this moment.
  8. Icon_Charlie

    D&D 5E Perfect example of the kind of interaction that I wish Wizards had with it's community.

    15 pages of interesting topic. 1. I agree with the OP. 2. Paizo and other game companies, such as Green Ronin have good customer communication than WotC 4. The Business ethics of 4E is what killed 4E. I myself wanted a license and was turned off by it. I purchased another (one of many)...
  9. Icon_Charlie

    Goodman Games Kickstarts Two New 5E Adventures

    Goodman Games should know better. They have been around for awhile. Sounds to me they have a set budget without deviation, so they hire the cheapest artsts they could find, if not going in house themselves. They will turn a profit with minimal expense. Yea people will buy it because there is...
  10. Icon_Charlie

    [UPDATED] Dragon+: An Official D&D iOS App

    Well I play 5E as I have to do research on a project. The Aspect of Goldomark and his comment are similar to my own considering the Data mining aspect that is being done a majority of business of today. Not just WotC, but in all aspects of entertainment. Is it a good thing? Depends on the...
  11. Icon_Charlie

    Goodman Games Kickstarts Two New 5E Adventures

    The Big phrase in all of this is "Probably isn't". You need to see this URL to get a better explanation on how one way is possible: And look under Unlicensed supplements and trademark issues Then look at this url for the term Nominative use...
  12. Icon_Charlie

    The Realms WILL Be Updated!

    Heh All I see is recycling of old IP's. Though 5E is rather interesting, the rest of the product line to myself is not. IMHO I see no creativity. No spark of life of imagination such as Monty Cook's or Margret Weiss's works of recent as an example. That "oh wow" factor to myself is just not...
  13. Icon_Charlie

    Gen Con Takes Stand For Inclusiveness

    I'm a realist. A Venture Capitalist. A Warmongering overlord of my domain when crossed in business or elsewhere. So as hardcore as I am I will say the following. It makes no business sense in sectioning off your market share based on religion, orientation, and so on. If their money is...
  14. Icon_Charlie

    D&D 5E Reasons Why My Interest in 5e is Waning

    66 pages.... lot of reading,.... Still.... 1. Still agree with the OP's comment. 2. Agree with a lot of what Goldomark has been commenting about. 3. Trickster Spirit. All I have to say to you is..... GunnerKrigg Court... Avid reader since the beginning. :lol:
  15. Icon_Charlie

    D&D Adventurers League Open Call for Designers

    In my dealings within the entertainment industry you will see a lot of rejection letters coming back to you. They all have their certain "formula's" on what they are looking for. So take heart on what you created. It might not be bad writing. It might not fit what they are looking for because...
  16. Icon_Charlie

    D&D 5E Reasons Why My Interest in 5e is Waning

    Again, I have to say is that I agree with what the OP and Ruin Explorer has commented. There observations and comments are close to my own. Some people have forgotten the licensing scheme that they tried to pull in 4E. That was a pure money grab and it ruined the game overall due causing a...
  17. Icon_Charlie

    Ernest Gary Gygax (July 27, 1938 – March 4, 2008)

    Guess my memory of the man is much different than what others give him credit for. Then again I have met them all. The old guard that started the RPG industry. But credit is given when credit is due. It was Gygax's business sense and most important the "drive" that made an concept into a...
  18. Icon_Charlie

    D&D 2E Yup, it's confirmed, 5E is the easiest version to run since 2E.

    I'm probably closer to your Grand Father's age. So yea They indeed made a similar quote. But then again Things to me did not sped up until 1976 when we had a massive recession + economy similar to what is going on today. I can look back on the 60's, 70's, 80's, (and so on) and see the...
  19. Icon_Charlie

    D&D 2E Yup, it's confirmed, 5E is the easiest version to run since 2E.

    That is because back there society and lifestyle was a LOT slower. People had time to work and create with whatever gaming system that they had on hand, which in many cases were far more complex then they are now. Most people today's society do not have the leisure time as they had back in...
  20. Icon_Charlie

    D&D 5E so... any word on PDFs yet?

    Oh I agree with you. But that is not the way they think. I believe in using any sort of media to promote your works. As you have noted with PathFinder. They don't seem to be hurting because of selling PDF's.