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    Rule-of-Three: 07/24/2012

    They took the time to dedicate an entire Ro3 to 4E...just to effectively say "4E's dead to us."
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    How about this idea: At-Will/Encounter/Daily for EACH spell

    I could certainly enjoy something like that. Making the choice between consistently having weaker spells to fire off, or going with a powerful shot is a good way to keep it simple, while allow for resource management and flexibility. I would hope, however, that a spell caster always had some...
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    How about this idea: At-Will/Encounter/Daily for EACH spell

    I have been campaigning for magic to work this way for years now. I don't have any experience with pre-4E psionics, but I've long argued that the 4E psionics system is what I'd like to see for magic. Every spell (or almost every, since there would likely be a number of exceptions in a Wizard's...
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    D&D 5E Hope for Nerath? (On D&D Next Campaign Settings and a Plea to WotC)

    I never owned the 2e materials, so thanks for that info! And agreed on all other points.
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    D&D 5E Hope for Nerath? (On D&D Next Campaign Settings and a Plea to WotC)

    He said it on Twitter. You're free to look at his timeline if you'd like.
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    D&D 5E Hope for Nerath? (On D&D Next Campaign Settings and a Plea to WotC)

    I played Neverwinter 1 (including expansions) and read a few Elminster novels in addition to your stuff, but otherwise, this. According to Matt James yesterday, and he probably knows better than most of us, Wizards is making Realms the default 5E setting. Yeah, I don't think Realms has ever...
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    How All Powers Could be At-Will

    I actually whole-heartedly agree with this. The term should never have been referred to as "powers." That only set the edition up for the constant "this isn't a 'supes' game, rawr!" arguments. I don't disagree here, however, certain terms, like "Powers" in contemporary culture have...
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    How All Powers Could be At-Will

    Ever since the psionics rules came out in 4e, I've advocated that they should be adapted to the whole power system. I firmly believe all abilities should be at-will, and have the ability to boost their effectiveness on a limited (per encounter & even more a small number of times per day) basis...
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    Wizards and Armor

    Whether it's as hard as some would have you believe I am certain it isn't easy, or even reasonable to do the kinds of maneuvers a D&D fighter would do in large/heavy suits of armor. Sure, like you said, in your opinion. In my opinion, fantasy needs no reality. That's why I watch "Game of...
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    Wizards and Armor

    EXACTLY! I've always maintained that the 4e ideal of making everyone equal without making someone broken is the right way to go. There is no reason to cripple any class when you can just as easily make all classes just as strong as the supposed "strongest" one. Maybe in *your* game that is...
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    Wizards and Armor

    If we want to play the "you can't cast in armor because realistically you wouldn't have proper training and your movement would be hampered" card, then I want to play the "okay, when I hit you with a fireball I want your flesh to melt as you incinerate within your tin can" and the "you literally...
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    Why Do Clerics Get to Spontaneously Cast Their Prepared Spells, But Not Wizards?

    Because anyone who doesn't love Wizards hates them and thinks they're overpowered. So while the Wizard might get an extra spell slot and have access to 2-5 autodamage per round, he has to beg his buddies to form a wall in front of him so a goblin's sneeze doesn't put him out of the fight. At the...
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    Replacing the Encounter Power

    Personally, I have always felt rather than have "Encounter Powers" we should have "Times per Encounter" a group of abilities can be used. You should pick an ability in the "Encounter Power" slot at the same level intervals. You then gain the ability to use those encounter powers as many times...
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    Ideas and musings on my ideal magic rules system

    I'm likely in the minority here, but I despise Vancian magic, and I honestly don't really like this idea either. I'm personally a fan of the 4E system. What I wouldn't mind is a cross-breed of 4E and previous systems. I'll accept Vancian daily "fire-and-forget" spells, as long as there are some...
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    D&D 5E The Role of Dice in Next

    There are only two things in this world that give me more pleasure than rolling dice. Food and well...this is a family forum. I absolutely want dice to be a significant part of D&DNext. For those who would rather rely on storytelling for resolution there should be clear advice in both the...
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    Dragonlance DragonLance in 5e

    A least once a month I state on Twitter that I want Margaret Weis Productions to be given the Dragonlance license back. Every single time I post the tweet, it's instantly and repeatedly retweeted. Every time, someone new is involved in the retweeting. There are many, many Dragonlance fans out...
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    Multiclassing: What I'm hoping for

    I've said it often but my preference is for Neverwinter Nights style multiclassing. I didn't play much 3.x, so I don't know exactly how it worked, but obviously NWN was at least based on it. The premise is that every class has features along the life of the class that make it appealing to take...
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    Throwing down the Tyranny of the Spellcaster.

    I'm so tired of everyone always wanting to ruin spellcaster classes. To me, given the choice, I'd eliminate "sword and board" classes. I can't personally stand "I hit it with my axe" classes because they seem completely shallow. I wouldn't advocate removing them from the game though. Balance is...
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    Gunslinger in core?

    This is how I feel. I don't want gunpowder anywhere near "my" D&D ("my" meaning my personal game). If it's in the core, it becomes a "Why can't I use it" argument that I don't want to have to deal with. In a supplement, clearly labeled as an environment where gunpowder makes sense, I can accept...
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    Gamers Who No Longer Have Time to Game

    It's funny you say that. I was just talking about D&D with my wife this morning. I mentioned that I posted to Twitter that I think Chris Perkins should run a game of D&D for Vin Diesel, Nathan Fillion and Eliza Dushku to promote D&DNext, in order to capitalize on star power to promote the...