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  1. Rushmik

    D&D 5E Altitude and range

    This thread got me thinking (since I've always just ballpark yes-or-no'd it, as a DM) and this seems to be an excellent solution. I will be using this!
  2. Rushmik

    D&D 5E Do you want your DM to fudge?

    I enjoy playing roguelikes, where instant and seemingly unfair death isn't abnormal. D&D's crits can have the same effect. Every round I spend in combat there's the knowledge that a conspiracy between dice might spell my end, but my strange love for roguelikes has taught me to almost enjoy that...
  3. Rushmik

    D&D 5E How Murder Hobo is Your Party

    My players are surprisingly well behaved, and still new to the game too... Well, one of them is a hobo and has butchered an orc before, but is that really so bad?
  4. Rushmik

    D&D 5E Minis and no grid?

    I need to try this. I've been using a grid just because it's our default, but I find myself saying "don't bother counting squares, just go ahead" every other turn.
  5. Rushmik

    D&D 5E Average damage or rolled damage?

    I split it fairly precisely; Anything vs Player? We're rolling it. That arrow that hit you might graze by or land center mass, and the dice tell us which. NPC vs NPC? Average damage it is. I don't want to waste my players time while I "play with myself." A single attack roll will suffice. If...
  6. Rushmik

    D&D 5E Do Classes Have Concrete Meaning In Your Game?

    In mine, no. For example - I'm running a Feudal Japan themed game - the players may clearly recognize a samurai by his two swords. This samurai, should they choose to fight him, might fly into a rage, take up a defensive stance, or wield both swords akimbo. Hell, he may unsling a bow instead...
  7. Rushmik

    D&D 5E Running away on intimidation

    Personally, I would run until running was not an option, and only then surrender. As a DM myself, I often find myself asking my players "does your character say that?" when my players start saying "why is such and such happening" because they forget they have the ability to speak in character...
  8. Rushmik

    D&D 5E Critical Hits: Why not x2 damage?

    I can't remember where I read it, but someone said one reason for the advantage/disadvantage system is that "rolling more dice is fun" and I think that carries over to critical hits. I for one love the sound of a hundred dice colliding with table, and the twisted smile of the player as he...
  9. Rushmik

    D&D 5E One-Stop Stat Blocks for D&D 5th Edition

    These are wonderful - thanks! During play it's so much easier to have separate cards / pages laid out than flipping around a book. I'd been throwing together my own stat block cheat sheets before each session, and now I can spend that working on adding more interest to the encounters!