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    The Wild Beyond the Witchlight Review Round-Up – What the Critics Say

    It’s clear that most reviewers aren’t GMs and review more with non core elements to playing an adventure like art and how good something looks in mind than how something actually plays. For example none of these reviews truly address lack of player agency ( I bet the original dragonlance...
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    New Campaign Framework- Help!

    I have never seen this cartoon! Looks interesting and definitely gives me some ideas. Thanks for all the great feedback so far. I like the direct relationship with the Emperor. My initial thoughts based on all of the above are: The Emperor and his retinue includes princely allies and such...
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    New Campaign Framework- Help!

    Hi Everyone, I am working on a new campaign based on a vague premise: - The PCs are children of the former Emperor/Retinue/Allies who royally screwed up and semi destroyed the world. He and his retinue fled into a safe location where the next generation has grown up, ignorant of the broader...
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    OSR What Has Caused the OSR Revival?

    Lack of understanding of DMs need at the table by the "current" generation of games, including poor adventure design with walls of text, rules that coddle and codify things rather than enhance creativity, and filler crap that impinge on creativity and agency (for both player and GMs). The OSR...
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    Looking Forward At The Year To Come In Tabletop RPGs

    The DIY\OSR movement has a lot to teach the mainstream RPGs about finding the sweet spot between text bloat and creative and necessary information. The creativity and conciseness of the adventures are such a fresh of breath air and so much more easier and fun to run.
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    Netflix Luke Cage Review (Spoilers allowed now :))

    Loved it- very relate-able, growing up in NYC. The second half and the "new villiain" though made it a bit tedious and I felt took it off track.
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    IRON DM 2016! (Sign-up and Scheduling)

    A little late to the party...Masochists :)
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    Adventure Design

    Just want to say that this is very good discourse all around. I agree that it is not that binary, it is quite possible, and in fact rather easy to create verisimilitude, depth and atmosphere by using concise text. The other point i want to note is that the quality and active text and good module...
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    Adventure Design

    Yep...feel as in physical sensations, not emotional....unless something is screwing with them, like a book or a shark ;)
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    Adventure Design

    I think it has potential; it's hard to visualize the room perhaps because of a lack of context. I have a hard time telling what the difference is between the upper and lower room and what portions of the room are flooded...for example, if the whole room is flooded, why are the bodies floating in...
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    Adventure Design are two descriptions I have taken from two different adventures that describe locations: The Windmill. On at low mound by the submerged bank there stands a wooden windmill with black-striped tar-sealed planks. The four sails of the mill are shocked and patched, ruined by the flood...
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    Adventure Design

    Use test is simply consideration of how a PC would interact with what is presented. Thank you for being such a good sport Ryan. I think part of the discussion is really a difference in POV? I have enjoyed your modules btw; they have great feel and flavor and have good internal consistency and...
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    Adventure Design

    Good considerations Ryan. Some questions; do you think of the "use" test and what PCs see, smell, hear, feel when designing adventures, especially when designing locals and encounters? How much do you give to information presentation and accessibility?
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    Adventure Design

    Modules and published adventures have been around for 40 plus years. However, in my opinion, the design of modules and adventures have not improved. In fact, the trends that I see in adventures seem to make them patently worse. Specifically, a lot of adventures appear to be designed to be full...
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    AMA with Bruce R Cordell (The Strange, D&D, Monte Cook Games)

    Congrats on your continued success Bruce. Going way, way back, the Illithiad and the related adventures are some of my favorite RPG books! What inspired you to author them? How do you feel about those products in hindsight? Is the RPG creative process any different then and now?
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    [SPOILERS] James Bond and SPECTRE - A Short Review

    Yeah RW...pretty much So, the whole time the BBG was out to whack Bond because his daddy didn't love him? I mean he went through a lot of destroying the get back at his stepbrother because his daddy didn't love him enough. And the main lair was a data center? really? Oh...
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    Gamers wanted for a D&D 5e game in Morris County, New Jersey

    Hi there. Where exactly in Morris County are you guys? How often are you looking to play? If the schedules and expectations work, then I would be interested. Experienced DM/Player here.
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    IRON DM 2014 Tournament

    Unfortunately got stuck at work and had to do some firefighting over the weekend on a project. Apologies for the formatting and the skeletal entry :)
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    IRON DM 2014 Tournament

    War Game: The Coliseum Games Demonic Kangaroo: Hiawatha Treasured Junk: The key to controlling Hiawatha Repurposed Temple: The colesium Boastful Promise: Made by Augustus Maximus Absent-minded Golem: The “map” that leads to the temple War Games of Infamy Background The ancient tribes of the...