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    D&D 5E Skills in 5E. Do we want them?

    I would like characters to specialise with something akin to skill powers rather than getting ever higher skill levels.
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    13 kinds of warlocks? Why?

    On the thirteenth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me Thirteen cabals of Warlock, Twelve schools of wizard, Eleven faiths of clerics, Ten angry fighters, Nine sneaky rogues, Eight lost rangers, Seven clanking paladins, Six rampant warlords, Five singing bards, Four seasons of...
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    D&D 5E So 5th edition is coming soon

    Don't forget to replace the fighter with a bag of holding and the rogue with a wand of knock while your at it. Let us all bow down before the mighty god-wizard.
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    Mearls' Legends and Lore - poll on delve format for adventures

    I wonder if the format leads to an over emphasis on the encounter at the expensive of the story. The adventures turn out a bit like a Hollywood blockbuster, a string of spectacular set pieces surrounded by a mediocre plot.
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    D&D 5E So 5th edition is coming soon

    Take your 3.5 books and some Tipex. Tipex out the "3.". This is the only thing that will make some people happy.
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    Mearls' Legends and Lore: Miniatures Madness

    I have to say I don't agree with MM on this one. I like the tactical nature of 4e combat and that the rules actually work. If combat is simply all about dm whim it ceases to be a challenge, its all an illusion and players no longer have any meaningful choices to make.
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    A reason why 4E is not as popular as it could have been

    The spellcaster pressing the "I Win" button doesn't do it for me.
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    Dear Wizards, I no longer have a clue what you're doing

    Previously, new player material largely contained new classes and builds, but also a few new options for existing builds. Essentials doesn't do that, it only supplies new characters to play. If, like me you don't get to play many new characters, the current policy does not supply enough new...
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    WotC Product Catalog Updated

    Just lovin the 20% VAT on box sets that don't apply to books.
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    Scott Thorne, a retailer, comments on recent events

    Paizo seem to have managed to sell large quantities of DM material, something WotC don't seem to be able to do. WotC focus more on player material which the character builder and errata policy makes largely redundant in printed form.
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    Did WotC underestimate the Paizo effect on 4E?

    You can use dangerous terrain if you want SoD, a 200 foot cliff and a monster with push powers can be pretty nasty (and players can take advantage too). I prefer my players to kill themselves because they screwed up, not because of a bad dice roll.
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    My love letter to WotC

    There are plenty of 4e fans who don't like 3.5/Pathfinder, but generally speaking, I don't see them wishing Paizo and Pathfinder to fail. It's a shame some Pathfinder fans can't show the same courtesy. No more BadWrongFun please.
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    Scott Thorne, a retailer, comments on recent events

    The size and resources of WotC has allowed it do publish this level of errata, something many game companies don't bother to do. This all looks like WotC bashing, the level errata has almost no effect in game. I imagine the level of scrutiny some people are demanding would dramatically increase...
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    Scott Thorne, a retailer, comments on recent events

    Most of the errata isn't correcting errors, the game plays just fine without most of it, the errata is mainly a rebalancing of the game as it evolves and corner case abuses come to light. Without the character builder to make it easy to manage these changes I suspect the list would be a lot shorter.
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    4e = the Titanic? and other insanity or irony

    I think things are a little different now, previously when WotC did things that pissed people off, most of loudest complainers were the anti-4e crowd. This time around WotC have done a few things that really have affected core 4e players. The fiasco over the character builder and the lack of...
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    Scott Thorne, a retailer, comments on recent events

    The biggest competition for 4e printed books is ddi, WotC seemed to have hopelessly mismanaged this.
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    The fragmentation of the D&D community... was it inevitable?

    The seeds of the split were sown right from the beginning of 3e. A mainstream game like D&D should never of had that much system mastery built into it, it was bound to cause problems later. The change from 3.0 to 3.5 created a climate where another incremental upgrade as opposed by a major...
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    Ok, now i'm REALLY CONFUSED. AKA, do any of you think you know what WotC is doing?

    I suspect Hasbro are demanding a higher turnover than the p&p rpg market can really bear. This is forcing WotC to try one strategy after another to try to meet these targets. I think the next strategy will be to stop wasting money by competing with itself (as ddi and printed books do now), make...
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    Ampersand: 2011 releases officially gutted

    If ddi makes more money than selling dead trees then this is a good move for them. It's just that the tones of the article didn't seem very upbeat. If they made a statement that they were moving to a fully digital model with tools to manage your game, your characters and to play online but no...
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    Sneak Attack--Help me stop my DM from banishing it!

    You are only level 2, the game will change quite a bit over the next few levels. As others have pointed out, one of the biggest challenges a 4e dm will come across is avoiding combat grind. He may well end up wishing you could do more damage. Perhaps your dm needs to "up" his game rather than...