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  1. Katowice

    Star Wars Saga Edition: The Force Awakens! (SPOILERS)

    Has anybody made stats of characters from the new movie yet? I would be interested to see your take.
  2. Katowice

    Pathfinder 1E Green Ronin to give Freeport some Pathfinder luvin'

    Chris Pramas wrote on the Green Ronin boards that the book will be available in both softcover and PDF, before Gen Con. I'll get it, though I must say that using True20 for Freeport has grown on me.
  3. Katowice

    Pathfinder 1E Pathfinder Freeport Companion

    From Green Ronin's Twitter today:
  4. Katowice

    What kinds of True20 Campaigns are you running?

    I'm currently running an X-Files / Dark*Matter campaign (modern conspiracy/horror) and will be restarting my fantasy campaign as a Pathfinder / Freeport setting.
  5. Katowice

    Deluxe GM's Screen?

    I think it's a pretty good product overall. The screen is like a hardback book cover. The charts and tables are pretty typical and the art is on one side of the unfolded screen. I really like the Time of Crisis adventure 2nd Edition and plan to use it in my group. It's not bad to have a...
  6. Katowice

    Will There Be a New Indiana Jones RPG?

    TSR had the license, then West End Games, but I'm 99% sure West End lost it when they lost all their other licenses in the late 90's.
  7. Katowice

    Will There Be a New Indiana Jones RPG?

    With all the new Indiana Jones products coming out in 2008, I got to wondering if WoTC might release a new, official Indiana Jones RPG. Although not the best game ever, I have some fond memories of my old green-boxed The Adventures of Indiana Jones Role-Playing Game ...
  8. Katowice

    I Need Dark*Matter Adventures!

    The Final Church sourcebook for Dark*Matter also has an adventure in it. You can download it for $5 at
  9. Katowice

    The Great d20 sell off begins with GRR

    ...or Mount Doom.
  10. Katowice

    Call of Cthulhu d20!

    Sherlock Holmes? Has anyone statted up Sherlock Holmes for d20 CoC? I got inspired from Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened for PC:
  11. Katowice

    The iconics vs....Cthulhu?

    Official d20 Star-Spawn Stats These were on the CoC website under "Excerpts" on a few years ago, however the actual Star-Spawn did not appear in the final print edition of the book: Star-Spawn of Cthulhu Huge Aquatic Outsider (Greater Servitor Race) Hit Dice: 20d10+100 (210 hp)...
  12. Katowice

    14 year old girl wants to join my game

    Ditto that. I have kids and they won't be playing with any 30-year-olds unless they (kids) are adults, or the 30-year-olds are family.
  13. Katowice

    14 year old girl wants to join my game

    ...would like a word with you...
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  15. Katowice

    Star Wars Tempest Feud -- How easy to convert to SWSE?

    Way easier using the official unofficial conversion guide by GM Sarli:
  16. Katowice

    Has 3E become too much like 2E yet?

    If your group is having a good time and your DM is keeping it interesting, then who cares about the rules. They're just the beginning of the game, not the end.
  17. Katowice

    D&D Experience / First 'Con

    I was thinking about taking my son and my nephew to D&D Experience, since it's local (DC-Area). They are both 12-13 years old. Although I've gamed for years, I've never attended an RPG convention before. I'm looking for suggestions on what events to check out. We were thinking of going on...
  18. Katowice

    Are xp/levels/advancement necessary?

    Interesting Read: A Theory About Peasants Sean K. Reynolds, "A Theory About Peasants (and other non-adventurer NPCs)":
  19. Katowice

    SW saga edition overview at WotC

    I dutifully purchased every single d20 SW book that WotC produced since the line began. Are those books now going to be unsable--as far as game mechanics go--under the new ruleset?