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    Gygax on Realism in Game Design

    Many who critised missing realism did not do so about the rules system but about the adventures preented (hello huge hydra in a smallish room with only normal doors).
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    D&D 5E I don't understand the reasoning behind D&Dnext

    Thanks for all the answers, especially to jsaving. Browsing the playtest documents they didn't seem contain too much of 4e in it, but while that may be a wrong feeling, it seems to be shared by many others. I think the reason for this is that WotC gives the impression that D&Dnext is not a...
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    D&D 5E I don't understand the reasoning behind D&Dnext

    I expected for D&Dnext to keep the sharp concise 4e rules of the abilities/spells in battle and add more "roleplayish" rules to them to use out of battle basically being a sequel to 4e with a homage to 3e added on making this somehow possible by a genius strike of rules design. But instead...
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    Convincing 4th Edition players to consider 5th Edition

    +1 to Emerikol I don't play game systems, I play adventures, and while 4e might give me a very good game system, it just doesn't give me very good adventures. However I sympathize with the OP because the ones that don't like 4e have Pathfinder and, so it seems, 5e. What do the ones that love...
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    D&D 5E With Respect to the Door and Expectations....The REAL Reason 5e Can't Unite the Base

    OP is spot on. Even before 4e was realesed there were a lot of people that played a "4e-ish" style of D&D with a focus on battlemat combat and houserules to match while the rest was having also different styles that only had in common that battlemat combat were not the main focus. So, no...
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    What is Minecraft about, anyway?

    To answer some of your questions: Minecraft is really what you make it. The almost total freedom in reshaping the world as you see fit is what drives this game. The mobs are really just to spice things up a bit now and then and give you a sense of accomplishment early on. After you secured...
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    Guild Wars 2.

    GW2 is not really "non-scripted". These events are scripted just like everything, they just run at their own cycle (over and over) rather than waiting for the player to start. In this regard I fail to see any connection to D&D, where events are of course not scripted and, more importantly, the...
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    D&D 5E How Can D&D Next Win You Over?

    Good Adventures. Really, I did not leave 4e behind because I thought it was beyond redemption (although some of my players did think exactly that) but because the published adventure were like pieces of s**t compared to paizos APs. So going PF was simply much easier if I wanted to have good...
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    Why Do Clerics Get to Spontaneously Cast Their Prepared Spells, But Not Wizards?

    Right, it does because you can't assess "balance" between the classes based on the informations that are given to us in the playtest documents. Of what we see the power levels of all classes as presented seem about even.
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    Save or suck Medusa petrification

    Yeah funny, how much the name of the most famous of all the Gorgons stuck and is now used instead the "real" racial name. Happens all the time I guess (in German the name "Jeep" is often used for All Terrain Vehicles with most people not knowing that it is actually a brand).
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    Monsters with spell lists is not a good sign

    Monsters are adversaries. Dumbing them down for the sake of easy to run combat means making them mere loot bags. In my book a powerful Lich Wizard should have it's plethora of spells and not just 3-4 combat powers and thats it. D&D should happen outside of combat as well, 4e forgot that!
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    Save or suck Medusa petrification

    Medusa petrifying with a gaze is classy and not at all a problem. Automatically able to avert eyes is elegant. Maybe being hosed if the Medusa has surprise is fine - unless a jerk DM does it 24/7. Really this is not a design problem, the 4e Medusa was!
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    Review of Diablo 3 by Blizzard Entertainment

    For all characters there is a "best" way of speccing for Boss/Grind fights. Most of the skills never see they light of use because others are clearly leaps and bounds better in any and all situations. So, 5 years of development and balancing and the result is ... this?! I have the distinct...
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    If WotC deliver on all their promises...

    So far WotC kind of promised to make everyone (3.5 lovers and 4e lovers) happy and iron out some persistant flaws of both approaches along the way. This suspiciously sounds like a promise to make everyone happy. So I guess, me being part of everyone, the answer is "yes, I will" by default ;)
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    Optional vs. "Optional"

    Outside of organized play the word "optional" has no meaning. Either the Dm allows it or not, period. In regards to 5e I always assumed that there will be optional rules that replce basic rules for more flavor and possibilities. So an option in 5e would not be a new class or more skills but...
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    D&D 5E How are people currently feeling about 5e?

    I bought the 4e "preview" design books and agreed with almost everything said there. I didn't like 4e. I like almost everything thats being said now about 5e. I learned that this may mean nothing and so I feel nothing. On a sidenote I think it is a mistake to make a development semi-open to...
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    Divorcing AC from armour bonuses

    The idea is nice and sound but something far away from classic D&D. So I doubt we will see something like that when all the flags have been set to "back to the roots".
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    Almost as good as the fighter

    That doesn't make a lot of sense. I two PCs are "good" in combat and two are "amazing" then you could as well say that two suck and two are good.
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    Cleric design goals . Legends and Lore April 23

    We don't know what they ment when saying "subtle". Harm is quite subtle when compared to Meteor Storm but that doesn't mean that there will be no offensive Clerics.
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    Are ability scores really needed?

    Ability scores are just like classes - they make sure that you can't be good with everything, that you have to make choices. In a system where you can choose skills there will probably some rule that prevents the use of one skill if you have already chosen another which would in effect be the...